Monday, November 14, 2016

The Reality for President Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had hoped to do this in private, but a Prophetess has no respect in her own land or her own Presidency, it is time to make this public and once it dawns upon the Trump staff this needs to be done, it will be too late.

If Mr. Trump has a public and private will, that is acceptable, in the instance of Hillary Clinton being prosecuted, but Mr. President, you said things that Americans believed and desired, and one of them is that Hillary Clinton should go to prison.

I realize that you have "unity" in uniting all Americans, but the unity you seek is now burning down America in Soros protests to destroy you. George W. Bush tried unity and it destroyed him in the end as the liberals will bait you like HW and then fuck you over with NO NEW TAXES.

I have laid out how this can be done in "world service" for Mrs. and Mr. Clinton as a plea bargain to satisfy all, including Democrats who want to be rid of these criminals, and it must be done.

People respect law and order, and when you let Mrs. Clinton walk, you are sending a message to all Americans that nothing has changed, because from your staffers there is not ONE ADVOCATE for the Bundy group in ending that persecution, nor have any of you figured out to fire those people involved in the Oregon murder, and to write a billion dollar check out to the family of LaVoy Finicum to make that go away, so the Trump Administration is not seen fighting the very Westerners who put them into the White House.

Mr. Trump, you need to start setting backfires or the inferno out there is going to have Soros burning down your Administration. As stated this should have been dealt with in private, but as your monitors who have been ripping off this blog to feed you talking points, are too busy trying to bury the fringe media as you are now all respectable, this now goes public in trying to save your administration, so you do not end up like Richard Nixon. If you do not comprehend this, David Brooks of the NYT, published the 2017 list in the liberals intend to make your resign, or impeach you or implement lethal means to be rid of you.

Respectfully Sir, I have witnessed absolutely no one in your group who is up to handling this situation, or comprehends what needs to be done. What I have witnessed are a bunch of preeners who are taking the work of others and claiming it as their own, as you let the gates open so you are being overrun with sappers.

Mr. President, you have a most volatile group of injured voters who now only have hope and your word. You tell people that the entire situation at Justice, Homeland and the FBI will be reviewed and then the government will proceed from there. This is not about hurting sick old Hillary, this is about LAW AND ORDER and no one is above the law.

It is a promise Mr. President if you keep making the mistakes you have in letting these enemies up, they are going to destroy you, and all of these fawning simps who were against you, are going to rise up with extreme malice and put you into prison.......and then your good friend Mike Pence can pray for you, and disavow the disgusting chapter of Donald Trump, as we all go back to the gulag of Big Koch politics.

You stop being nice and start being President.

If you need to be reminded Sir, if Hillary Clinton had stolen this, at this moment the Lynch Justice would be sending out investigators to audit you, your company, your children, and bringing to the forefront in Federal Court all of those pussy grab charges, and you Mr. Trump, would be a pauper, and in jail by November 2017.

I will repeat this Mr. President, you stop being nice, and start doing the blessed job God put you into that office for.