Monday, November 14, 2016

Mike Cernovich RNC Chair

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I rather feel like Howard Hughes sending out notes to Bob, but a few words are golden when silver tongues tarnish with too many speeches.

Now the Reinse Priebus is Chief of Staff of President Donald Trump with the expressed purpose that the entire Trump Legislative agenda is the responsibility of Mr. Priebus in coordinating with his Republican Congress......and he will be blamed completely for anything that does not please the public 100% and will be terminated as that is the game now in absolutely no second chances...............

I was going to post on this in planning for 2018 because Americans must now build and coordinate on this Trump Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Christian alliance......and make no doubt about this as Jill Stein lost voters in 2% which went to Mr. Trump as much as the Libertarians rejected by a 5% margin that dope head Gary Johnson, that this coalition must now be built upon to secure the blessing of liberty for our grandchildren again.

Mike Cernovich has announced his purpose is to elect Americans in very race, and in that, there is nothing better for this driven man to be put in charge of the Republican National Committee to coordinate this with the passion it needs. The Republicans NEED passion, and for Donald Trump to build on his successes in KEEPING AMERICA GREAT, it will require a complete Joel Skoursen building of the GOP up, in taking it from Karl Rove cronies with Clinton, to Trump advocates.

The GOP needs someone who wants to do this job and is not going to sit on their laurels in taking credit for other Christian's work, as is now forming in the Trump staff.

Let us not forget pussy grab in that was coordinated out of the GOP with Hillary Clinton.

GOP Leaked Damaging Donald Trump Tape | FITSNews

"Donald Trump's get out the vote efforts have been sabotaged at every level by the GOP," reporter Mike Cernovich ... election can be broken down ...

This is something we have to think about in 2 years down the road, and not settle for another moron taking control of the RNC, who never believed in Donald Trump, and will be more interested in eating steak with Charles Schumer than in finding grass roots candidates across the board, to begin grooming and building a house by house network to secure the primaries in 2018 and all of those offices.
That is one thing which was missing in the Trump campaign, but thank GOD, there were Christians who volunteered in being moved by the Holy Ghost to get numbers of people to the polls.

Mike Cernovich is the correct choice, as he will draw in people who will not apologize or back down, in thinking we all can now get along with our enemies who were going to genocide all Americans in the next 4 years.

He is energetic, intelligent, full of himself, talented and driven.....and is already going where we need someone to lead. That makes him the right choice and the Trump staff had better start handing some crumbs out to the Alt Right or they are going to have a shitload of shitlords causing a hell of an amount of trouble.

You people seem to be having Hillary amnesia in forgetting who is the boss in the American People who employ all of you.

PS: One more thing to you Trump staffers. You get off your asses and start inviting these people who put it all on the line to the Trump Inauguration, for an Alt Right gala, where the Boss is going to spend time, including the Trumpkinder in half hour meet and greets. You start showing some appreciation and throwing these people crumbs in a reach they are getting restless and want Trump President, in the same way they wanted the election over, the debates over and the primaries over.
I suggest Donald jr. to task this reach out, as the Alt Right has an affinity with him.

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