Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Reason the Founders Established the Electoral College

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I was just listening to that tool of satan, John Hogue, the Nostradamus moron, who anoints Hillary Clinton as his star goddess, spout off about the future in things that need to be done in lying to all of you, because unless Donald Trump is President, there is NOT going to be a future as this world order will never allow any competitor to rise again.

Hogue spouted off about removing the Electoral College as every vote was precious, and direct voting was necessary to elect the President. This asinine spewing keeps coming up, so I am going to address is and expose all these asstards for what they are.

I am going to ask you a question you have no answer for, in, "Why did the Founders create an Electoral College?" and why do all these fiends hate it?

Let me explain this, this way as the Founders foresaw all of this.

Does a state like Kansas, New Mexico, Vermont or Mississippi have the same power as California in this election?

Think about it in California has millions of voters, while most of these states in this Union would be obliterated by California or New York, which always vote for the crooks who run the system of money laundering and crime.
So if we do a John Hogue one vote for all, what happens to all of these little states compared to California? They are obliterated in a general election by the will of the dictatorial majority.

Now look with me at Donald Trump, and this election, in which Hillary Clinton and her crooks have been rigging votes in dead people, foreigners and e vote fraud, in this national vote which Hillary Clinton might steal, because she is in the big states promoting all  this vote fraud again.
In John Hogue's world, the crooks win..........but in the Founders world look at what appears after the election.

Why there is that Electoral College sitting there a month later, and there are all those little states like David assembled at the giant Goliath of California and Hillary Clinton's other crooked big states. Hillary Clinton could stuff the ballot boxes and have more voters than there are Americans, but Hillary Clinton can not stuff the Electoral College, as that is the check of the small states against the big states.

The Electoral College is the compromise of the Constitution in the US Congress. The Senate is the Electoral College which checks the mob represented by the House of Representatives. The Senate makes Nebraska as powerful as California, while the House represents the entire population fairly.
The Senate keeps the passions from the mob bringing their own dictatorial death. The Electoral College keeps the majority in passion from bringing ruin to America.

When Donald Trump wins the Presidency, it will because the small States all banded together to resist the dictatorship of the huge States. That is the genius of the Founders in protecting the Republic from the democratic mob trying to destroy themselves.

The democrats howled about George Bush being elected President by the Electoral College over Al Gore, even though Al Gore won the popular vote. What these fiends cover up is, George W. Bush was elected by the STATES OF UNITED AMERICA, who were more than the mob of the organized community.
So you get this, the 50 Sovereign States did not want Al Gore, while the mob did. Those Americans in their States chose the President they desired in order to save America.
Nom de Deus, can you imagine what hell we would be in if that nut Al Gore had been in office destroying America with Birther Hussein following burying America in the abyss. The Electoral College saved America long enough to have a chance with Donald Trump.

I do not want an America where 100 million foreigners profiting slave states like New York and California steal elections from the other 45 other States, because in NUMBERS those 45 other smaller States have the Right to elect a President of these now disUnited States.

Donald Trump, elected as President of these United States, will be elected by the States, YOUR STATES with all of your nothingness compared to Wall Street bankers and millions in slaves. Your Electoral College which responds to your voting in majority for Donald Trump, overcomes the millions in California.

That is why this corrupt Obama regime has been dumping these illegals into all these small States and medium States like Virginia and North Carolina to flip them. This is the last election for all Americans and it all hinges on the Electoral College.

I have some advice for all of you, in the next time you hear some asstard trying to tell you that we need to change things the way the Founders established things, ask yourself who do you think had more Inspiration, the Founders who God raised up, or these false prophets with their heads up satan's ass telling you to destroy yourselves.

I like the idea that the American South is more powerful than California. I like the idea that the American West is more powerful than California. I like the idea that the Midwest is more powerful than California. It is more powerful due to the Electoral College.

California commits vote fraud in mass for Hillary Clinton and is protected by the Obama regime, nothing can be done about that yet, but America's check in this is the small States banding together to defeat the criminals by the election of Donald Trump as President.

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