Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TL & LC Polling Experience


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is our voting report.

I decided to data mine the election people as to what is going on, as we are all sort of neighbors and I asked one if there were special instructions for me as she was ordering people around. She laughed.

At our polling station, it was identification, announcing our names, and this time I found it most interesting in our ballots were ALL numbered and the number of our ballot was assigned directly to my name, which was marked off with a yellow mark on the elligible voter sheet.

Most pleased in checks and balances.

The street was lined with vehicles all morning. The gals who ran things told us that they had over 100 people in line, and they usually do not get that many people until afternoon.
Then they pointed to a pile of absentee ballots behind them, which had to be counted. They had never experienced numbers like that either.

There is a massive voter turn out and as we do not have a great number of down ballot and a pile of idiot laws,  this voter turn out is being generated by Donald Trump.

We stopped by my Auntie who is an Obama voter, and I ragged on Hamrod. No response. Auntie was upset though about Social Security being not cost of living and when I mentioned those damned illegals this time, there was not any "we were immigrants too" as in June. Even Democrats are getting bit in the ass with  these Obama invaders and it is sinking in through cable news.

We wore red shirts.......I even had red undies on just to make sure, but there were not any strip searches to be featured on the news.
People were happy and driving a very long distance to vote as most were not locals.

This matches the stories which others have noticed in a great number of people voting and something is generating huge in America. Two other times this has taken place in Reagan beating Carter, and when Newt took over the Congress in 1996.......and as I was part of the vote counting in 96 until 4 AM, I can tell you that more people voted now than then, and that was allot.

This looks like the Trump Majority of the Silent Majority is coming out.......and do not be fooled by those reports of Mexicans voting early, no more than Democrats voting too, as Donald Trump is having a lion's share of those votes too, and besided no votes can be opened until the polls close, and it is bullshit in thinking these are illegals voting, and not legal Latinos who do not want these damned foreigners inside America any more than Americans do.

Get out and vote and be a part of this landslide, as that is what this appears to be generating. Make it huge so this Trump victory can not be stolen.

.........and no I did not vote for my Republican Congressional duo up for election. They pissed me off about not supporting Donald Trump. I hope to God that democrats do not get in, but I am not putting up with their chit any more.