Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Sabbath

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Hebrew Sabbath runs from Sundown to Sundown, as in Friday night to Saturday at sunset.

Like all things, as I recall it was in Robinson Crusoe, or something, that if you were on a desert island and mistakenly were worshiping on Thursday, and thinking it was Sunday, it is the intent of the heart.

That is what God looked upon David, a man after God's own heart. It is always about what is inside a person as Christ taught, for that is what Christ looks at in a Widow's Mite has more offering than a bag full of gold from a merchant, because one gives from want and the other from plenty.

Dearest Sisters,
Feeling trepidation about this, as was asked to do the impossible yesterday at work, which took about two more hours of intense concentration than usual, so didn’t get home until nearly 10 pm completely spent. Woke up this morning and went downstairs where The Babygirl sleeps and heard her calling “Dad, Dad”. Hold on, I’ll be right in. “What was that thing about bread and wine you were telling me that Lame Cherry wrote?” Long story short, hoping that we didn’t miss The Supper, as I figured after sundown tonight would still be within the boundaries, and she actually wants to do this. Lord, we want to Remember You, even if it may be stretching the time for that. Know this should be a discussion with Him alone, but today is still the 5th, and that’s how life went so far.
Tha Viking, kind of tongue-tied.

This Passing Over is about what we are doing in God leading, as we follow Him.

This is about a false messiah in Obama a  whore of Babylonian merchandise in Hamrod. No she is not the Vatican, but she is commerce in whoring American virtue for the world. This is about those who claim to be Christian and American, if they would throw off Bush and foreign born Cruz, and even in wounding of pride do what was right before God in voting for God's Deliverer in Donald Trump, against this evil which is Obama Clinton.
This threshold is a communal joining, and a desire in the heart to do this Supper, is what God looks upon, as some have to work. Doing it sometime is Remembering Christ and where we are going.

For me, satan and the evil of this world, imparted on me a quite sick night, of a racking Monsanto corn dust headache, which I still have pangs of, to wanting to vomit, to later having a fever. This communion was not  the most lengthy nor pleasant, but it was done with better times to come.

So be of good cheer, as this is about Life and your being led to that choice, and your having decided upon it. This is not ever to be a burden, but a joy in celebrating Christ and you are Christ's.

No one missed anything, as you remembered Christ and Christ knows you.

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