Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Precedent of Tort

Hillary Clinton
Never President
Tort Precedent

America is about to face the reality of what appears when a Neocon Congress of Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan, give blank checks about the law to Birther Hussein Obama, who then gives no check or balance to the Clinton Crime Family, so that America is now going to be faced with years of war in American courts, in an attempt to keep actual civil war in our already bloodied streets from Ferguson Missouri to Chicago Illinois.

It is all like existing in a commercial between acts of the Twilight Zone. Seriously in this, our headlines for Obama are going to range from a Billion Dollar Lawsuit by the family of LaVoy Finicum for his murder to Obamacare, to this alien invasion, to things we have yet to discover, which will only appear, after some disgruntled Obama minions get kicked to the side of the road and decide to blow the whistle on Birther Hussein.
For Hillary Hamrod Clinton, America can look to Uranium One which created a monopoly for US energy via the Clinton Foundation, which ties into the murder of LaVoy Finicum, and means US energy companies and states will be suing to get their resources back from pay to play deals, to the 5000 ton monster known as the Clinton Foundation of crimes, which will be having lawsuits from Haitians suing to get their billions back the Clinton's extorted to the endless process of Hillary Clinton being impeached.

Fate of Obama legacy in hands of courts, successor... 

For a future if Hillary Clinton steals this election from Donald Trump and the American People, Democrats will be forced to destroy themselves defending Hillary. A new coalition of Blacks, Whites and whoever will form to elect a Congress whose one purpose is to impeach Hillary Clinton and to have trial in the Senate in 2018. This will dominate America to the year 2020, and all of our lives will be on hold in tax increases, inflation, terrorism and war. The simple fact is while Hillary Clinton is hiding behind White House walls and police state barricades, the rest of America and the world will be raped and murdered to death by Islam, as we await the Hillary Clinton war for profit against Russia in stealing Russian resources.

When in jeopardy, Bill Clinton blew up camels, Barack Obama blew up Muslims, and Hillary Clinton to save her Michelle Obama, two zip code size ass, will blow up Europe and most of coastal America in a nuclear war with Russia and China.

America is going to be a tort nation, a nation of filings against the Clinton regime and the Obama aftertaste for years to come, and if the cartel does not hand out some sort of redress, that fight will move from the courts to the streets of America, where a willing American mob, no longer having a federal government it trusts, will once again find intrigue in the streets as John Wilkes Booth did with the Europeans during the Civil War. What awaits in a Hillary Clinton election theft is Russian and Chinese agents dumping arms and ammunition to assist Americans to promote their interests which will link with the new American interests against the Tort of Clinton. 

None of this is going to end with a United States, for Obama and Clinton have ripped us Disunited States already.

This starts with Texas seceding from the Union and California making rumblings again. Seriously, why should the fruitful valleys and plains of Texas and California put up with the cesspools which Obama, Clinton and Brown have created inside America. It would be better for the Republican areas of wealth in California to create their own union as much as Texas. Once this fever catches, it will be a reality of the States of the Union, throwing out the refuse, and other smaller States joining with them for the Republic of America vision again. Then the reality will be of 150 million tan skinned invaders as slaves, owned by a few New York and Chicago banks, a police state out of DC and a few fake gold star generals in charge of a military which has vacated to the Republic of Texas and California, and a reality of how many dollars can a Mexican eat while a Muslim blows them up.

If you have missed this, Obama Clinton have shattered the Black vote in America forever.


We are a nation already divided and Hillary Clinton will put America asunder. This election Black Americans are rising to the reality that having been lured to the Obama cell phone plantation, they have chosen to emancipate themselves before Hillary Clinton castrates, brands them, and drives in the last rivets of their chains.

It will all come down to this, that the regime had better understand what await it, for their era has finished.  The criminality is complete, from the Neo Terrorist in America was not a Muslim or Jesuit, but it was Hillary Clinton threatening Hillary Clinton by her fagsexual cronies.
Hillary Clinton could not beat Bernie Sanders with a ballot, no Hillary Clinton had to have Bernie Sanders beaten into submission.

The omens  are all there in this is their end. Sick old criminal Hillary has returned to her coughing fits while for the second time a Biblical Deluge has driven her off the stage at one of her satanic orgy concerts.
The Spirits of 76 are witnessing the warning to America. They desire to be cleansed of this Hillary Clinton disease before she infects America with the unbridled pandemic of her crimes.

The Amerikan Thugocracy is at it's end. Hillary Clinton is the banshee shrieking at the precipice of the Obama Abyss, wailing out her racist, American hating rhetoric, as her life support is not just the juvenile blood transfusions she sucks life out of, but her platoon of attorneys who try to blackmail and threaten the FBI to silence over her Clinton Foundation crimes.

If this regime confirms the slightest excuse of stealing this election for Hillary Clinton, as it stupidly just did, then a storm will arise which no police state will ever be able to contain, no more than a thimble can contain a tempest.
There is no Russian hacking as Julian Assange has confirmed. This has been an inter Obama Clinton surf war online in a quid pro quo of Obama forcing Clinton to protect it's ass after the image installs her, because the Obama regime protected Clinton in blackmailing her over her crimes.

It all renders down to five words:


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