Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Secret of 2016

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I mentioned about letting you in on the secret of President Donald Trump's successful overt political campaign.

I do this because in assessing the reality that when Donald Trump runs for re election in 2020, this campaign strategy will be of no value, and the fact that no one else can duplicate it, with the additional reality that you really need to know how brilliant of a man you have just elected President of these United States.

When I tell you the secret, you are not going to get it though, in all of the depths which it is, because all of you have never comprehended how brilliant the people are who are involved in this, who have turned out some of the most gifted and beloved celebrities America has known.

Donald Trump never was running a reality television campaign, as that would not be of any value in those kind of Kardashian fools believe anything Hillary Clinton would lie about. No, what Donald Trump embarked upon was the greatest political theater ever devised, right out of Davy Crockett and Andrew Jackson.

What Donald Trump wowed Americans and the world with was......his big hands, the big crooks, the pretty women, the fiends and antagonists, and a great set of arenas to perform before across America.

Vince McMahon

Linda McMahon

For those of you who have never heard of these people, you probably have though come across some of their titanic characters who became the childhood idols and adult idols of America, including a Governor of Minnesota in Jesse the Bod Ventura.

Linda and Vince McMahon took a Minnesota backwater theater of professional wrestling and turned it into the WWE, which turned out an endless parade of soap opera sagas of good versus evil, American heroes, and a fortune with an audience larger than professional sports.

Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Eddie Guerro, Randy Horton, Batista, were the stars of an industry which the elite scoffed at, and which people like Regis Philbin and Donald Trump starred in with other accomplished people. This is what the elite missed for two years, in Donald Trump was starring in a political theater which all of these polished, isolated and self absorbed asstards never figured out.

For those who do not know what WWE is, think of it as Days of our Lives, meets the Chinese circus, but Donald Trump added the nuance of political debate.
The athletes of WWE are some of the best in the world, as they are lifting 300 pound men, and for the most part no one is getting killed in an intricate ballet of force. The interesting part is these performers are also very good actors who are involved in the conflict of good versus evil.
Some of the most over the top cheating, scariness and maniliness which every fan would reject in real life, is instead embraced, and it grabs the attention of the audience and drives the storyline.

Does that sound a bit like what Donald Trump was up to for almost 2 years?  The thing is from Jeb Bush, to Anderson Cooper, to image Obama, to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump trolled all of these pompous asses, and in some cases as in Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, Mr. Trump used them as stage props who actually were so out of sorts, were adding to the story line.

Can any of you forget Jeb Bush popping up like a jack in the box at the debate in thinking Donald Trump had walked into one of Jebby's talking points, only to get hammered by Mr. Trump?
Can any of you forget Hillary Clinton screeching about lesbian Huma or ranting about Donald Trump in chasing him around, until she collapsed?
In this, every one of these geniuses was acting out on the Donald Trump arena, looking like fools, just like WWE sets up storylines, and they had no idea they were being played. The thing is that Donald  Trump was so audacious in he trolled these people to piss them off and then would conduct the "backstage" interview to give the audience all the juicy details, to which Americans were howling in laughter and loving every minute of it.

Think of this in those pompous Letterman Cocktail Crowd cronies, who sit around and make nigger jokes, talk about flyover country, have fag humor,  and look down on everyone, and there appears always someone normal at their parties that they gang up on and belittle, but every once in a while, someone like Donald Trump appears and plays his own game, and makes fools out of them and kicks the stuffing out of a few of them, as they all retreat afterwards and lick their wounds in how uncouth it all was. That is what Donald Trump did to these elites, because all of them were too refined and cultured to be watching NASCAR or WWE. They all believed how genius they were and yet they all were unable to deal with backwoods humor like Davy Crockett and same wrastlin' like Abraham Lincoln.

See if you knew what I knew, you would be watching the mechanics and would have missed the performance. I realize that if I would have made this public, the Clinton cronies would have dismissed it in trying to ignore it, but it still would have swept them up as they could not resist. I simply did not reveal this, because I was not going to disrupt one thing Mr. Trump was accomplishing. I told all of you to stop acting like you knew things and stop posting things to grab a headline, as we could not lose one vote, as there were far too many Christians working their butts off for those votes in assisting the Will of God. It simply was better to let this play out as it was designed, as only Donald Trump could carry this political performance off, as he worked with the McMahons in one of their performances before bringing this to the GOP and DNC.

That is what is missing in politics, in the experts refined this all down to "looks", but Donald Trump understood he had the look, but had to entertain the public in giving them the political theater they were missing, and a message Mr. Trump believed in and they did too.

You must understand that Hillary Clinton did not believe anything she was lying about in her two part message. Ted Cruz knew the GOP was looking for an outsider and became the role. The other bought the insider programming which were fall guys compared to Donald Trump, who brought the entire package to the American public.

Mr. Trump was so effective that the morons who voted for Hillary Clinton, believed everything Hillary Clinton was terrifying them with about Mr. Trump. All the heroes of WWE have antagonists though who lie about them, and it only makes them more popular and stronger.

Some moron is going to conclude incorrectly that this was all WWE fakery, because they are asstards, and are missing the genius of the the McMahons in their business, and keep underestimating Donald Trump in his art of the deal, in being able to get quasi intellectuals to come out and play on Mr. Trump's field, as they can not resist the allure of Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump accomplished this in public sight and no one caught on to his plan, as he was so skilled at keeping everyone so mesmerized and reacting, that they had no comprehension something so obvious was being carried out, as Donald Trump had disarmed every one of them.