Monday, November 21, 2016

Time for Jeff Sessions to begin Indicting the Molotov Media

Molotov Media Criminal Election Tampering

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Steve Bannon, the Chief Adviser to President Donald Trump is intent on crafting the Trump Image, but is failing miserably in that presentation, because his vision, is being blinded by a media conspiracy, which is absolutely criminal, and in that what is going to be required by another investigative division of the FBI under Attorney General Jeff Sessions are ciminal indicts brought against all of those involved.

The Lame Cherry is not speaking about some troll alone like Matt Walsh, hired to smear Donald Trump, but this syndicate of conspirators who are guilty by these examples.

We know that Google in it's search engine placed only strange pictures of Donald Trump before the public. That is a crime in deliberately making every photo of Mr. Trump look bizarre in order to attempt to influence the public.

We witnessed this in the first debate when the media put an orange filter on Donald Trump, to again make him look strange.

We know that CNN twice, the first in the Jeb Bush plant accusing Mr. Trump of not being female friendly and later by Donna Brazile handing over questions to Hillary Clinton, that there was widespread coordination to "get Trump", which again is a criminal conspiracy.

We have heard  the media turning up the gain on the mics so we could hear Mr. Trump breathing in.

In the last 60 Minutes interview, Reverse Speech expert David John Oates, noted that the Trump recording by 60 Minutes was 15% reduced in speed, to make Mr. Trump sound tired and more sinister. This did not happen by chance, but was as deliberate as Martha Raditz and Anderson Cooper bickering at Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton.

In 60 Minutes case, that is CBS, which is a licensed public broadcast company, which is under obligation to be honest to serve the public as these are public airwaves. For this alone what 60 Minutes did in this criminal act, CBS should have it's licensed revoked by the FCC, and CBS replaced into a receivership.
That though is only the beginning, because a Justice Department investigation must being with Leslie Stahl, who David John Oates found saying "FUCK OFF", to Mr. Trump in reverse speech, as the conduit upon which this entire smear of Mr. Trump was based.
There are producers behind this segment, engineers, editors, all who signed off in this conspiracy of reducing the speed of the playback by 15%. That is 20 years in prison for this kind of fraud, and that is the beginning, because how far up in the News and Entertainment Divisions did this go for criminal charges against corporate officers, and did this reach the President of CBS or the parent company which owns CBS, for that person's arrest and trial?

This entire conspiracy was coordinated from Glenn Beck to Megyn Kelly by the oligarchs attempting to steal this election from the American People in their candidate, Donald Trump. This kind of Molotov Media Mafia is not serving the public, but is serving a criminal enterprise, and it is time that this monopoly be busted as it was when President Theodore Roosevelt broke up the trusts in his day.

This criminal syndicate must be brought down as J. Edgar Hoover brought down Al Capone in Chicago, as we have witnessed Americans are being beaten and murdered in the Soros terrorists and the media is not going to stop until they destroy Americans last chance in President Donald Trump.

Several hundred media criminals are going to have to go to prison over this, and if there is found evidence of treason, they must face the maximum penalty of the courts in these conspirators executions. None of this can stand, for the absolute reason, if these criminals had succeeded in helping Hillary Clinton steal this election, America would be facing 100 million more invaders, which would murder and rape Americans to genocide, as the police state protected the terrorists and American votes would be nullified in that mass of foreign illegal voting.

So this is made clear, this Molotov Mafia Media engaged in crimes against humanity, in the attempted genocide of the American People. The Nazi were brought before Nuremberg for far less. It is a demand that ALL of the laws of these now United States be enforced, especially in the white collar traitors, who are already plotting our destruction again, by their volatile rhetoric and lying propaganda again.

Arrest Leslie Stahl, Martha Raditz, Glenn Beck, Eric Erickson, Jonah Goldberg, William Krystol for starters, and embark on a most rigorous interrogation, so that when these media terrorists against Americans break, their confessions and those they implicate will follow up the food chain, to the real despots in this in the George Soros group to be hauled before the People's Court for full redress and penalty.

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