Monday, November 21, 2016

When the heat hits the Street

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Call this Lame Cherry concentrate.

I was watching our fag weather fag the other day, and was not paying attention as I do not watch fags. He said something though under his permed hair that captured my attention which puzzled me.

He was rattling on about freezing road conditions, and then put up a map that listed the temperatures to the degree of the highways in various cities across the region.......these were little crap hole towns, so this is not some major censors being installed.

I do back engineering, and started asking how in the hell they were doing this, and then it of course concluded that NOAA has a satellite which hundreds of miles in space, can measure temperatures to the exact degree, against air temperatures. Meaning this is so sophisticated that it can differentiate heat signatures between buildings, in 30 feet wide streets at 200 miles.

I know this is a yawner to you, but let me put it this way. When NOAA has this type of device, it means the police state and military has this type of device, and with drones or microwaves can target you, because they can pick out your heat signature from 200 miles.

All sort of a coordinated thing, in they can also know to show up in the afternoon when you are home, as they know you are not working, but always at home at that time to interview you.

This is the trickle down of technology. NASA has this to measure heat signatures, so does the military and police state and NOAA thought it would be a great thing to measure frosty roads.....but never figured out that a fag weatherman talking about it, would alert all kinds of terrorists and enemy states, that America has a system which can life time tell if a car has been running, a jet has been fired up or if a room is hot because someone is cooking dinner in it, to fly a TOW through it.

Another one of the Obama regime's master FUBAR's in telling the world the extent of American intelligence. Sort of like the Soviet's buying Japanese toy robots as the Japanese had stuck infrared sensing in them that the Americans had developed.

Enough of this fun as wondering if the FUBAR's are going to be dealt with by the Trump Administration.