Friday, November 11, 2016

Time to send in the IRS against the Trump Conspirators

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With this criminal onslaught against President Elect Donald Trump in the collusion of the media, the oligarchs and the Clinton rent a riot, there must be a mechanism enacted to deal with this, and fortunately the American Government has such a mechanism.

One must understand that what is wrong with America is the example of the Clinton Foundation, in it is all Pay to Play.

For example, ranchers have a Beef Check Off, which takes money from livestock sales for "promotion of beef", but the Congressional rules never allow that money into the hands of real people. It all goes into the hands of gatekeepers like LOBBYISTS and CONSULTANTS who make a fortune bribing Congress and paying millions to the very media which is trying to destroy Donald Trump and every one of you.

It does not make a difference if it is the revolving door of conglomerate trolls going into EPA, USDA, Homeland, Pentagon and then rotating back out to Google, Amazon, Ford, CITI or Big Frac etc..., it is all the same group of Oligarcy which has made all of our lives hell as they stole America from us and stole all of our money.

It is all the same system of National Socialism, where tax money is collected, Congress which is funded by these conglomerates hands over that money, due to paid lobbyists and consultants, back to the conglomerates who then fund Hillary Clinton or make donations to these Foundations or NGO's blowing up the Mideast or telling Mexicans to invade America.

As this is Lame Cherry Concentrate for solution, what the Trump Administration must do, is simply unleash a FEDERAL AUDIT of all these lawyers, lobbyists and consultants. So you get the point, you do remember that 'hit piece author in his toxic research on Mr. Trump, appearing with a lawyer who makes money suing the Catholic church, before a Democrat Consultant, who ushered them into John Podesta to smear Donald Trump"? That is this wicked system of destroying Americans and it must be audited.

The Audit must be led by the IRS and coordinated with the Justice Department to make every lawyer, foundation, lobbyist and consultant for the past 7 years make certain that none of the money they were paid originated from TAX DOLLARS or was used in subversive activities, IR/ a consultant or lobbyist pays the New York Times for ads to promote Wonderbread, and it is found that the New York Times was involved in the Clinton media conspiracy, then that conduit is part of this scheme to subvert America, and will have assets seized and be fined.

Furthermore, the entire agriculture check off will be audited, and every penny which was paid to these lobbyists and consultants will be tracked down and confiscated from these lobbyists and consultants to it all being returned. The Trump Administration must cut this leviathan off at the neck, so it never rises again, and the way that is done is the full weight of the Government using the IRS, confiscating funds which were misused, and stopping this "conglomerate media politician" monster which unleashes the police state to murder Americans like LaVoy Finicum or smear Americans to their attempted ruin in President Donald Trump.

President Trump has a number of "first things" which must be done,  as there are around 25, but all 25 must be done, and with setting up the proper people in these divisions to unleash the full power of the US Government, Mr. Trump's and America's problems will cease with the making these manipulators criminally respsonsible, cutting off the money and confiscating those funds back to the American People.

It can not just be a moratorium on people who serve in Government not being lobbyists. It must be the end of Tom Daschle being a Democratic leader being a paid whore for Obamacare, as we all have witnessed what a disaster that money laundering scheme has been for all of us.

Audit them, take the money away, and make them hurt, to the point of banning their law license to ever inflicting on Americans again due to the fines.

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