Friday, November 11, 2016

Radio Piracy and the Lame Cherry Blog

Which one of these trolls had their troll retaliate on the Popular Girl?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know if Jeff Rense will ever receive the email I sent, but am posting this here to alert all of you that this is not over yet, as you focus on riots by the cartel to "get Trump", because this morning I had the oddest even take place.

The only internet I have is a hotspot off a smart phone, as that is all I could afford. It is limited, and in order to bring you information like David John Oates, I have to utilize the phone call in link to listen to Rense or my minutes burn up like fire in a stubble field.
So after listening to Mr. Oates last night, as I have been doing for months, I was given a SERVICE DISCONNECT MESSAGE this morning, stating it was temporary, when that was not the case in the least. Instead in calling my provider, I was told the account was suspended due to RADIO PIRACY.

As I am not a DJ, I thought it must be someone hijacked the account, but that was not the reason. The reason was simple in I had phoned into the Rense program to listen, which is perfectly fine, and is my Constitutional right as I am paying for this, and have unlimited minutes for phone calls........and yet the national carrier, which the NSA collects data from, and Homeland was given our ISP and phone number, decided making phone calls is not part of the service.

I had to verbally promise to never phone that number again or the service would be disconnected again for RADIO PIRACY.

To put it plainly what this looks like, is the fact that some trolls at Homeland are pissed off that Rense did all he did to elect Donald Trump. It goes back to what Mr. Oates found in reversals in Hillary Clinton was upset about the media........well it is not CNN, but Rense, Drudge, Infowars, Breitbart and apparently a popular girl who made all the media difference. I though am the one who was retaliated on and it was the Rense link which was monitored and it was a pissy little excuse to try and shut this blog down on a clever technicality where no abuse had taken place.

As a note to Donald Trump's son in law and the Trump campaign, this is what is happening to your volunteers who were not being paid out of that 70 million dollar a month budget for the Alamo Project. For the rest of the readers here, understand completely that this is not over yet. The Obama regime has the machine yet until January, and unless those trolls who are embedded are removed for this kind of criminal harassment, the Trump Administration is going to be undercut every day, and Americans are going to be abused by the system.

I once again inform the Trump monitors, your priority is putting people in control of Mockingbird, so you receive positive press, and to stop this abuse of power from inside the system. Literally I can not now use my phone which I am paying for, to phone a radio program which is legal, which is now deemed a RADIO PIRATE, and it all has to do with Donald Trump being elected, and retaliation on those Americans who did the work without payment or acknowledgement.

This is serious if this group thinks they can get away with this and not be prosecuted when Mr. Trump is President. This is intimidation and meant to silence this blog, and every Patriot who was involved in doing the work of electing Donald Trump.

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