Wednesday, November 23, 2016

To Lie Down With Fleas And Catch Dogs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK so that crotch rocket from South Carolina will be United Nations Ambassador. Horrid choice as this required a Vernon Walters in this dire situation America faces, and not a crotch rocket.
George Papandoupolous would have been a great deal better, and if the Trump Administration could have lured out Bill Burns, who was one of the better career diplomats, he would have been the probable choice.

I understand though that this is about Lt. Governor Henry McMaster endorsing Mr. Trump early, to now be Governor is the reason in all of this.

Upon the New York Times disaster, we are now going to Mormon our problems away.

Romney Leads Picks for Secretary of State...

Nikki Haley for UN ambassador...

Charter school advocate as education secretary...

Petraeus in the mix?

No to the Romney cull, period NO.

Betsy DeVos at Education, is as good as it gets, as Mike Huckabee seems to be on the outside talking in. The Department of Education needs to be gutted from top down, and gone back to the McGuffy Readers  and 19th century text books, with full penalties smashing the teachers union.

Now for the New York Times transcript. It is really sad when Rush Limbaugh sits there and lies to his audience about the things Donald Trump said to the NYT, were misconstrued. No Mr. Trump was not quoted out of context. They are trying their best to cover this up, instead of fixing it.

The fact is Kelleyanne Conway said that Mr. Trump was not going to prosecute Hamrod Clinton......not in the Times interview.

The fact is Reince Priebus said Mr. Trump is not going to deport Muslim invaders.....not in a the Times interview.

The fact is President Trump, went scorched earth on the Alt Right, who were his biggest defenders online and provided the internet firewall, that Jared Kushner is now taking credit for.

The Lame Cherry will be exact in this. God raised up a Jehu, because Sarah Palin ran away and hid. There needs to be a Jehu to deal with a super leader as Vladimir Putin, because a super leader in the anti Christ is coming in Europe. Donald Trump slunk over to his enemies as a downtown boy, hoping the uptown New Yorkers would like him, instead of telling the Times to piss off, and come to him.
NONE of this would have happened if Donald Trump had stayed in Trump Tower. His staff let him down, and Mr. Trump cocked it up. He has now alienated his most vigorous base, to the delight and celebration of all of his enemies.

Now the reality begins generating as Donald Trump did not take the counsel of the Lame Cherry in fixing this, but instead sending out people to lie to the public about what he and his staff stated, that Donald Trump is weakened. If Mr. Trump will not lead and keep his word, then God will raise up the woman, Le Pen in France to be the equal to Mr. Putin in dealing with the major events in the world. Mr. Trump will be relegated to the back  row while the adults decide how the world is sorted out.

This is utterly disappointing after all of this effort and assaults I have been under, to have this absolutely undisciplined act by Mr. Trump destroy all that was generated.

The Lame Cherry will state the following. Throwing us the bones of CIA, DOD and Justice is not going to suffice after this cock up, in appointing crotch rockets and Harold Ford, because the Trumpkinder like having their own designer negro around. Mike Pence is a continuous treacherous disaster and Mad Dog Mattis being against torture is ........why doesn't he just put on a pair of Obama panties and go prance around with Pence.

The Lame Cherry offers this:

IMMEDIATELY contact and bring in Pat Buchanan to lay out the talking points, as he is the only adult in the room capable of serving a President in this disaster. Send out that Miller boy, as he bores people very well, and tell the rest of this transition group, if they talk to the media  one more time, they will be removed, and inform Pence's leakers if one more leak appears, that Mike Pence is going to be canned.

The Trump Administration needs now someone with brass balls, and that is Laura Ingraham to run the White House press office.

There is not any fix in telling the Alt Right to piss off. If Donald Trump does not comprehend this, then let the Lame Cherry explain this, because this is not the Alt Right. This is the entire world led by the master Vladimir Putin, who just witnessed Donald Trump get rolled by the Charlie Rose cocktail crowd of intellectuals at the Times. The Russians saw this, the terrorists saw this. Everyone saw this.
Everyone has now heard from Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus that Donald Trump does not keep his word. That Donald Trump condones crimes like Obama and Bush by the elite. The entire world has heard and seen that if you pressure Donald Trump, you can roll him, and he will destroy not his attackers, but destroy the very people who helped put him into 1600 Penn Avenue.

The Lame Cherry by Inspiration predicted that the legacy of Birther Hussein was UTTER RUIN. The Lame Cherry is now warning Donald Trump, that he has now wasted two days in fixing this and it will now sit until next Monday, cementing his weakness, as his enemies grow stronger, and his Presidency will be his led around like a chimp on a chain by Big Koch Ryan, and Priebus feeds him peanuts.

This is a weakness which will grow and always be there, like HW Bush in the read my lips.

Donald Trump now has his messiah in this boy Kushner and it will end worse than with Obama. My concern at this point is, that events will overtake the Trump Administration to glean from him, the Ivan the Terrible which hides in all people, in order to fulfill the necessary weight on this stage for the tribulation of events that are destined to appear.

Obamacare, Supreme Court and coddling invaders are going to seem like dust in the wind, compared what is out there generating. By God's Grace, the Lame Cherry has a record of being correct on reading things because I reside in the future.

Last direction to President Trump, if you ever have the inclination to talk to the media ever gain, go talk to Sean Hannity, otherwise let that cut under your nose heal, as thumping your chest for that priss Bannon has taken the wind out of the sails. All the President had to do was shut up, play with friendlies, and do what he promised.

Apparently the Trump monitors are twatless now in not wanting to tell the king he is naked, as stealing content from this blog to make them look not tard, cashes the paycheck, but it is hard to tell the boss, he is cocked it up, as the loyalty is to the paycheck not Donald Trump.

Expect the lesson of Jehu in abandoning the Lord, in the Syrian hounded the Northern Kingdom every day to Israel's distress. That is what is building and now waits America.

Donald Trump's New York Times Interview: Full Transcript

Read the full text of the president-elect's meeting with reporters, editors and opinion columnists from The Times.
New York Times17 hours ago
I hope all Americans forget about politics and the cock ups, and have a Happy Thanksgiving. I baked two pies today, pumpkin and pecan.
Thank you to those who sent notes and have donated. Yes Paypal is interesting in the emails are correct, and of interest in I received no alerts after the Obama regime took power, and suddenly when the image was departing, the alerts began in email again. Yes it appears an agency was collecting them.
Just do not internalize these politicians. You have Christ and now things will generate as they should. So you understand things, many people  think they can nice things and get along, but end up being either destroyed or things pulled out of them to make them fight. We will see what the time line now generates for 1600 Penn as by God's Grace the objectives were to defeat Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, and to stop the Great Tribulation martyrdom of Christians. I do not know about the last Biblical reality, as that is what this is about really, in the glory whores have in all likelihood produced a coming war and conflicts which billions will perish according to Prophecy.
It makes one ponder if the Times smacking around Donald Trump was worth it to them or if Donald Trump thinks not having fixed this is something he has considered in all of that Great Tribulation re amplifying now out of vanity.
Will be a prayer tomorrow in stand alone, unless more cartel Soros Obama upheaval is in the works.
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