Thursday, November 24, 2016

We are a People again, on this Thanksgiving Day

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Our Almighty Father, our Lord Christ, and Your Presence in our Holy Ghost, on this Thanksgiving Day, many will gather, and most will offer unknowingly to you, but some will come before you in thanksgiving, in humbly understanding by Your revelation, all You have accomplished in the great miracle of deliverance You have offered us in President Donald Trump.

We are a people who worship a God we do not know  and a children who have been debased in our trusting ignorance of those we have trusted  in to be like us, but who plotted our genocide.
We remember our heritage this day in how for Your sake, You delivered Jacob and his family when they avenged the rape of their sister in putting the fear of them into the multitude of the heathen. How you delivered giants into the hands of Your heritage to be vanquished. How You rose up Esther to deliver Benjamin, Levi and Judah from genocide in Persia. How the small band of Apostles to our Lord were delivered to bring the Gospel to the world.

In America, we remember how you rose up the Founders, to establish Your Promise to Jacob, to sow Manasseh, the son of Joseph, beyond the walls of his Israelite brethren colonizing the world, as the greatest single nation on earth in world history, as the people we are.
We profess the years of trouble in the leadership of General Washington as You made Americans a People like none other in the world. We profess the years of trouble in Civil War in which You preserved this Great Union for Your sake, even though the Confederates had as great Christian virtue as those in the North. We profess Ronald Reagan in how You rose him up to deliver America and the world in troubled times, in who those of that era thought they would never witness a miracle like that again, and yet in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, the Lord God Almighty stood again, as there was no one to deliver these people who were prepared for genocide, and you alone deserve all credit, glory, praise and honor of the election of Donald J. Trump as President.

Your's is one of patient love, when You could have extinguished America as you did the Israelites in the Exodus, in only allowing Caleb and Joshua to enter the Promised Land. Instead, not for any perfection on America's part, but for Your part alone, You set upon a plan revealed by Your Prophet that You would have the people choose the Way of Life or the way of death.
The usurper Barack Obama stole two elections as a blasphemous false messiah, and the people cheered, while others hid in silence, because it was prudent. Those who voted that apostasy were met with a new test in 2016 in if they would establish Babylon in America by Hillary Clinton's criminal syndicate or would answer the call of the Jehu, whom You alone rose up as a choice in Donald Trump.
Great are Your mercies our Father, for without You,  this election would have been stolen again. But for Your sake, You stirred the People. You rose up the People, and by Your miracle, You alone elected Donald Trump as the implement of Your hand for Your Christian Peoples, who have gone astray and been scattered.

When Your Holy Ghost spoke to me of this Jehu in promising he would come, I wondered at the revelation and mercy of God in placing before a nation, God founded, a rod by which the entire people would pass under to prove who they were and whose they are.
It all seems so much like child's play, for it is in God's accomplishment, but what is simple for God, was a task which left those who toiled numb to time and exhaustion. I do not know where almost 2 years have vanished, and yet they were on this battlefield against evil and the forces of darkness, in which many suffered and were injured to death, to be deterred from the mission God was working through them, but they did not by God's Grace succumb, but Christ strengthened and carried them through.

You Will, Your Way, was lied about, smeared, belittled and attacked, and God prevailed for no one is like our God.

I think of the dark shroud of death being pulled over America and the world, and how with Your might, You have lifted it, to give America a chance to resist, fight and die as Your heritage, and not be only animals in the pen for the slaughter of the innocents. There awaits a Great Tribulation as the Prophets have been moved by the Holy Ghost to reveal, but in this our prayer moved by Your Presence is for President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin to be allied for the protection of the Christian Peoples against the darkness of the anti Christ, the false prophet and that adversary of old.
Oh Lord, You have heard our Passover Covenant to moving past the threshold to this new Door in Chirst, We are Yours, and Yours alone. Grant us to not be deceived by the anti Christ and keep America and Russia as a protecting cover in Your hand, that the deep shadow of death will not martyr all of Your children, but that in Your protection when Armageddon does arise, it will be the apostate rejecting You, and that neither Russia nor America, nor Your other tribes in Europe of Israel will have a part in that great cleansing, for by You, we were blessed in the Way of Peace, for we shall inherit the earth.

You have given us our Yorktown, our Appomattox on Novmember 8th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, but the war is not finished as the forces arrayed are still there seeking by satan to supplant the Will of God. Our Father prevail and move us from victory to victory to vanquish our foes, for our foes are Your foes. Bring us through these years to the return of Christ our Lord and Your only begotten Son.

Forgive us our sins in Christ's blood, but remember the sins of our enemies, and visit them upon them in multiplied measure, to be a feast for the fowls, so that delivered of our enemies, we may worship You as on this day in constant peace and without fear. That we may be a heritage for the millennium to God's eternity.

Vouchsafe, keeps us this day oh  Lord, keep us Your children for Your sake, not for our merit, for we have none. All we have is the Name of Christ to be children of the Living God.

On this Thanksgiving Day our Heavenly Father, accept the praise of our hearts, which are still numb to comprehending this great miracle You have wrought. We thank You for You give us the understanding to thank You, and we bless You for You empower us, and we love You for You loved us first.

We are a People again, and we plead that You plead for us Your heritage as Your Holy Angels and Your Saints pray for us in this time just begun. We are a People, because You are our God.

On this Thanksgiving Day, praise the Lord all you in His lands, praise Him all you His Peoples, praise Him in the meal offered before Him. Bless the Lord for He is Good, for calling upon His Name moves Him into our hearts, our lives and our homes, and none can stand against the Way of the Lord, for the Lord God is our constant Help and Deliverer, and His Love for us, endures forever and ever.

In the Name of Christ, we thank God on this Thanksgiving Day as we dedicate ourselves and this day to be holy and high, unto our God, our Maker, Deliverer and Redeemer. Our God has given us the Way of Life. our God is our Life. Amen and Amen and Amen

May the Lord Bless the Spirits of 76 for their prayers for their American People