Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump Greeter


 Hi, My Name is Rhonda. I am the Trump Greeter of the United States President

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry wants to weigh in on the disaster of Mike Pence ruining the Trump Administration, but that said, the Lame Cherry advocates for another candidate in a new position, called TRUMP GREETER.

I don't know who this chic is pictured at Trump Tower with Rep. Price of Georgia, but she is hot.

Think of it this way. Each day she appears on Facebook with a post of something like:

Hi, I am Trump Greeter Rhonda, Good Morning to you.

Today President Trump is solving all the world's problems without even trying. It is morning in America again, and Mr. Trump has lit the lights of the shining city on the hill again.
We are replacing that treacherous Mike Pence with his Big Koch with an American, so go out and enjoy your American Dream as all is well.

I mean Rhonda has like DDD hooters and nothing comforts the voters like big hooters in a business dress, with a Lois Lane hairdo from the 1950's.

That is the first step to mollify the disgruntled Americans who are disgusted with Mike Pence the treacherous traitor.

Pence is said to be among those backing Romney for State. Romney was fiercely critical of Trump throughout the campaign but is interested in the Cabinet position, and they discussed it during a lengthy meeting earlier this month. 

Mike Pence is not a good guy. He is a manipulative, backstabbing traitor. A Big Koch GOPliter, and that is on a good day looking at his character.