Saturday, November 19, 2016

Undoing Obama's Utter Ruin Economy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am moved to address something concerning the Corporate Income Tax which President Donald Trump is going to lower from 35% to 15%, so that around 3 trillion dollars can be repatriated into America. What this is based on is something I was advocating in 2008 for the failed John McCain Presidential campaign in joining this to a real Stimulus Plan. This is what I desire to put forward in this Trump White Paper.

Mark Simone, a radio host in New York, who was a rabid Trump supporter from the start, stated that perhaps only half of this 3 trillion would return to America, but let me go Joseph, David Stockman and Lame Cherry for a moment in explaining what I am Inspired to suggest, as it is ridiculous to not repatriate all that money.

I state this, lower the rates to 15% as Mr. Trump with industry leaders are going to do. I state go beyond this in telling all of these industries that the 15% which the government takes in, is going to all return to them, in this 15% will be tax rebates to consumer who if they purchase products these companies make, can take that off on their taxes.

I will explain this as no one does concerning taxes. When you spend a dollar in your stores, it is taxed. For this purpose let us make it 5%, but it is more. That means 5 cents out of every dollar in a tax goes to the government. That dollar turned over 20 times in new purchases, means the government in 20 purchases gets that entire dollar back, and it is one reason economies slow down to recession, when a regime taxes too high, and the money starts going only to the elites who put the money into their accounts and never spend it, in concern over their taxes.

Now this is what the Lame Cherry is going to expand on this from the suggestions to the McCain Palin campaign in 2008, in all of us has heard of mass terror attacks, Mr. Putin has built entire nuclear fall out shelters for Russians, and there are meteors, and massive earthquakes, along with the regular stuff of hurricanes and tornadoes.
Americans are not responsible for that 20 trillion Obama debt. We never spent it, so let it get paid off in other ways,  but instead let us use that 15% in tax rebates to go into every community from Chicago war zones to the little house on the prairie and create a national disaster shelter of communities and individuals.

America would literally be duplicating itself, and that means jobs, jobs, jobs. Those fall out shelters would need to have supplies and other things, which again means production in American facilities and more jobs, job, jobs.
That is what is so fucktard about this Chamber of Commerce Big Koch importing of Muslims and Mexicans, for welfare economics, when the answer has always been, simply putting in personal disaster shelters all through America, where all of those things will be paid for in a real tax stimulus of jobs and production.

Do this, and all of that money building things in America, will be circulated inside America, and in 20 changes of those dollars, it is all paid for in an expanded economy. I am rough estimating this, but I factor this at about 12% growth annually WITHOUT INFLATION, as this is an expansion economy, and there will money flowing like rivers of water into poor Black neighborhoods in Chicago which is real work and not the dope trade, and real jobs in Kentucky hill country which is real jobs and not welfare checks.

I want that 15% to be invested into Americans and to having American survive all types of disasters. And added to this, no nation is going to attack America with nanobots, nukes, or plague if the people all have their own personal disaster shelters to survive in, and emerge from and retaliate until the enemy is wiped out.

I have expansion on this, in America must once again enact the Joseph Program which America once had in healthy food was mandated by the Government in a 7 year supply to feed the American People in the event of a famine caused by whatever act it occurred by. This too can come out of this 15% corporate tax as corporations make all of these products, it only makes sense that to get America out of this Obama utter ruin, those moneys they generate should go back to them, to expand the economies even more......profit Coca Cola and have them expand into new areas, and let them serve America that way, instead of squirreling money away overseas.
Understand that if Singer Sewing Machine could build M 1 Rifles in World War II, then Apple can build things for survival shelters as much as Coca Cola can.

When taxes get too high, people and corporations hide money and it stops the economy, as it did under the Bush's, Clinton's and Obama's.

I know America needs infrastructure, but it needs personal infrastructure first. I want to give corporations a reason to profit off that other 1.5 trillion they are holding back, by making their companies 5 times more profitable, and then take this show on the road to South America and Europe to make disaster shelters for all the peoples there too.

We must bring the Trump Economy to ever barrio, ghetto and red state enclave to make Americans come first and to keep them all safe. This can be done in this economic program. People like Mark Simone are correct in money is out there which will not come in, so that is the Lame Cherry money for this program in the Trump White Paper to undo the Obama Utter Ruin of the US Economy, as no one else thought of how to get it into America.

This is a program the Trump monitors have to progress in all of the myriad of things which are being progressed. Mr. Trump stated that 6% economic expansion is possible. I state with that 20 trillion of Obama super debt to grow into, 8 years of Obama Super Depression, that America has at least a 12% economic expansion without any overheated economic effects for at least 8 years, or his entire Administration.

The economic children are beginning to understand that we can put this economy into Milton Friedman road gear........ I simply want to put the American economy into overdrive. Our maxim is to build things for profit and to not make war. America generates this platform for economic expansion and then we are speaking of homesteaders on Mars, and that takes this into an orbit where quadrillion dollar economies are going to be common place in the raw wealth and industry just waiting to expand into.

This is the  Trump Renaissance for the world, but all it requires is that 15% seed money and the government taxes it all back, to reinvest into paying for things people need.

Nuff Said.