Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Problem with Mike Pence

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In 2008, I would have been delighted to have Mike Pence as the Presidential nominee of the GOP compared to John McCain. In 2012, I would have been pleased to vote for Mike Pence for President, compared to Mitt Romney. The problem is that it is now 2016, and I have Donald Trump as President, and after being manipulated and lied to since George H. W. Bush by GOPliters in the White House and Congress, I am not in the least bit delighted by Mike Pence, as his Big Koch ties are too monetary in his past, and every damn thing Mike Pence does is not for Donald Trump, but Mike Pence.

During the campaign, Mike Pence incessantly undermined Donald Trump at the worst possible moments. He sowed dissention in releasing policy statements contrary to Donald Trump and was holier than thou in "praying for Donald Trump".

Mike Pence only got on the ticket, because of a deal worked out with Paul Manafort for Indiana to stop vote fraud Ted Cruz, and after that Pence was so busy leaking he was the Vice Presidential choice, that Mr. Trump was stuck with him.

Now we see Mike Pence placing all of his picks into the Trump Administration, which is great as these people are all right wingers.......problem is though is Mike Pence as he is cozy with Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan, sowing to the whirlwind to impeach Mr. Trump, so what we are witnessing is a Mike Pence as President, and that is what Mike Pence had planned all along with the insiders.

Mike Pence in his first interview with Sean Hannity, said he was ready to be President, without being asked. All of that leaves me uneasy about Mike Pence.

For review:

Mike Pence has a history of stabbing President Trump in the back.

Mike Pence leaks non stop betraying Mr. Trump for Mike Pence's agenda

Mike Pence is in this for Mike Pence.

I would that there were more David John Oates reversals on Mike Pence, but nothing is that conclusive on him, so it is as Jesus taught, you know the fruit by the tree.

I do not trust Mike Pence any more than I trust those GOPliters in Congress. He has some good points, but those points usually come with a Big Koch price tag or only a cabinet which will benefit him.

As I stated, since Ronald Reagan, I would have celebrated Mike Pence, but I have been lied to and betrayed too much like all Americans from these self serving GOPliters who tell you one thing to hijack the Tea Party, and the next thing you know you got man dick up the ass.

God forbid anything ever happens to President Donald Trump, but from all I have witnessed, it looks like Mike Pence is preparing for exactly that, instead of following Mr. Trump completely and obeying the will of the American People who voted for Donald  Trump......not Mike Pence. 

I give you something to ponder in the fact that in 2015, we were all lied to that a Mike Pence Conservative could never win the White House, and we needed a Jeb Bush faux Obama, and yet there never was a concentrated effort by the GOPliters or Clintons to ever take out Mike Pence, as he was the "reasonable" one.............the one talking about God, prayer, pro life.........the scourge of the earth in all other elections, and for some reason the powers that are, left Mike Pence untouched.

I notice things like that.

The problem with Mike Pence. The Lame Cherry does not trust him. 

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