Friday, November 4, 2016

Waking up November 9th

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was looking through the Wikileaks emails again, and noticing how crass and criminal Hillary Clinton is as are her mirror image staff. There is one about Joe Biden when his criminal son Beau is sick, about how Hillary should reach out, and when and if, in some macabre political theater as the hyena Clinton circles the dying cub of lion Joe, in order not to antagonize Biden so he challenges Hamrod for the nomination.

Re: Beau Biden

Then there is the one about Hillary Clinton's paranoia in her campaign leaking to the press and how this is going to be tracked down.........and Josh is being prepped, in probably the White House is coordinating with the cover up.

Re: Guidance Please

So Wikileaks tells us that Hillary Clinton is a cold soul who will use a dying son to manipulate his father in Joe Biden for her political ends and Hillary Clinton is paranoid running her gulag. Things we already knew from the 1990's in her co Presidency in not trusting Secret Service and screaming at Vince Foster until he was a puddle of emotions on the floor.

For every one of us, the reality of Hillary Clinton is we know who she is. Wikileaks is just confirming most of what has been written about her, so we are not surprised about how crooked, criminal or crass she is. In that though it all boils down to when you wake up on November 9th, because you are going to have to face something which you will be facing, because when your Obamacare rates double next year, it is you who is going to be paying for it all, as Paul Ryan is not going to do anything with Hillary in the White House, as they all have provided health care.
When Hillary Clinton raises taxes 1.5 trillion dollars more, it is you who is going to be paying them for the rich she sticks them on, as they always pass them on to you. So figure if your health is going to be 3000 dollars more, then your taxes will be another 1500 dollars more.

When Hillary's Muslim oil donors jack up gas prices again to 5 dollars a gallon, and she has shut down coal and fracking America, that is another 2000 dollars you will be paying for the next 8 years every year.

So when you wake up on November 9th, just know that you 6500 dollars coming out of your pocket, whether you are on welfare or have a job, and you might as well add another 1500, because gas prices going up, means all products are going up as everyone passes that on too.

So you are going to be out 8000 dollars more next year if you wake up to Hillary Clinton stealing this election.

But that is not the end of it, because you might as well set your links to CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and the New York Times as Drudge will be gone, and blogs like this will not be allowed in new regulations coming, so enjoy Rush Limbaugh telling you to wait for the next election or Sean Hannity telling you to join a 3rd new party, so that election will be stolen too.

I suppose though you will think you can turn to your politicians to stop Hillary. Well they never stopped Obama now did they. Ryan gave Obama a blank check.
The thing is as you lay in bed on November 9th, you had better do some math. Math from regime statistics that there are over 40 million invaders, 95 million green card aliens, and plans for the next 4 years in Hillary 2020 to bring in another 100 million Muslims, Latins and Africans. As you probably have not figured this out yet, your punishment for being American is Obama Clinton retribution colonialism where the Nigger was only 3/5ths of a vote, that is what they have planned for you, in Clinton will bring in and legalize so many foreigners that your vote will only be worth 3/5ths, in you will never have a political outlet again to address your MINORITY grievances. The foreign majority of Hillary Clinton will rule and you will be the minority ruled, as 2016 is the last chance at a free American election.

I suppose that you will then panic in bed and start reaching for you gun. Too bad for you that you mouthed off on Facebook or once went to a doctor for a medical problem, as the new No Fly List will have you getting those guns you trust in confiscated, along with your ammo as it will all be voluntary under prison time for you to hand them over.

Yes you probably will think you will resist somehow. Yes with all the surveillance, cameras on street corners, monitoring your cell phones and drones, your protest will last as long as the gulag round up begins, as you smart children have had minders in all of your friends lists reporting on you for your crimes.

Do not worry though, because as this all gets personal with you, in not projecting this to happening to some poor bastard down the block, there is always nuclear war with Vladimir Putin. Your President Hillary's war games have factored all of this in, as HRC with the elites have the tunnels, bunkers and underground bases and the Russians are just the modern Zyklon gas chambers to thin you out, so you do not become a the hundreds of people who have went tits up, like you are right now, laying in bed contemplating what the morning of November 9th will be like, and how each day will be an amplified Obama misery on a psychotic dose of PMS.

So I can show you in posts here of the corruption of Hillary Clinton, but you know it, and numbers of you entitlement and Wall Street suckers, think you are immune to it all, but Hillary Clinton is going to change your existence in implementing policies to take things from you, and you will not have a voice to vent with online, you will not have a voice to speak for you in Congress, as it will be foreigners their Congress responds to, and you will not have a tomorrow when a nuclear bomb goes off in your city our county.

You will have a nice shadow burned on the wall, in an outline of you, before you were vaporized, as that is what happens when Obama Clinton policies come to full term. Look around your room where you are now, and see your shadow, as that is all that will be left of you, one day after you wake up on November 9th and Hillary Clinton has stolen this last American election, and you thought you were immune to the consequences.