Friday, November 4, 2016

Why are Republican States Closing Early for Voting on November 8th?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In researching how electronic voting was to be reported in a Hillary Clinton election theft, I happened upon a Politico page which states I have visited it previously.........that would be impossible as it is for the future in November 8th........and I noted the Republican States in Central Time Zone are closing 8 PM Eastern. That would be 7 PM local, which is unheard of.

Texas polling is closing down at 7 PM, which means numbers of Donald Trump voters are going to be denied a chance to vote.

In checking this, New Mexico, which is Mountain Time Zone is closing at 7 PM also.

Oregon in Pacific Time Zone is shutting down at 7 PM local or 10 PM Eastern.

Hawaii which is 6 hours difference from New York is shutting it's polls at 6 PM local time.

There is vote suppression taking place in the American West to flip this for Hillary Clinton by closing these polling stations down hours early when numbers of people traditionally vote. What is being initiated is a "Clinton Sweep" of her strongholds being able to vote, while the Republican States are going to be shocked in finding out the polls are closed when voters arrive.
This is to suppress the national vote for Donald Trump by millions of votes.

This is a criminal act, as this has been planned out by the GOP in coordination with the Clinton campaign in order to disenfranchise voters. The polls in all of these states traditionally are always open to 8 PM local time, and often 9 PM, and NEVER 7 PM.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as an alert of what is one more rigged criminal attack upon Donald Trump and the America voters.

Below is a copy of the Politico site content.



  1. Presidential Election,

    0% Reporting   Electoral Votes: 9
    Polls Closing: 9:00 PM ET
    D H. Clinton 0.0%
    R D. Trump 0.0%
    L G. Johnson 0.0%
    G J. Stein 0.0%
    O F. Atwood 0.0%
    C D. Castle 0.0%
    O R. De La Fuente 0.0%
    P J. Hedges 0.0%
    O T. Hoefling 0.0%
    O C. Keniston 0.0%
    S A. Kennedy 0.0%
    I K. Kopitke 0.0%
    U L. Kotlikoff 0.0%
    S G. La Riva 0.0%
    O B. Lyttle 0.0%
    U J. Maldonado 0.0%
    O M. Maturen 0.0%
    U E. McMullin 0.0%
    U R. Scott 0.0%
    O R. Silva 0.0%
    U M. Smith 0.0%
    O E. Soltysik 0.0%