Saturday, November 12, 2016

Welcome to America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It will surprise none of you reading this, that I am one of the most polite people around. Hell if you look in the dictionary, I bet you will find under polite, the first definition is Lame Cherry.

It is like today, I was being helpful again, as I had to do an errand in town and I noticed one of them Obama invaders slagging along on an open lot, no doubt a ward of Lutheran Social Services who is involved in the slave trade now of these misfortunates for profit.

So any way, in my part of what is left of America, seeing a foreigner is rare like other bad things like earthquakes and ebola, so you take notice of such things. I noted it with some native expression and went on my way for an errand to a fast food franchise.

When I emerged the invader had made his destination to a gas store, as it probably had one of his food groups of grease and was on his way to one of our taxpayer paid for homes.
Thing is I have noticed these folks appear in welfare offices and fast food franchises, but they never work, but always have money, and lots of new clothing and bling.

So I made a prophetic statement about running over an invader, and backed out, and drove to the street as the invader was crossing, in front of my car, like he was strolling in front of tourist bus on the Horn of Africa.

So I am waiting as he crosses in front of me, making me wait, and then instead of getting the hell off the street, he walks down the center of where I need to drive. Now I had been patient for this invader to get out of the way and waited a second longer, and somehow Zelda just took off.
Now I will say back in my more salad days I might have brushed him off the street. One of my fondest memories was three years ago an old phy ed teacher I hated as he abused me, was in a crosswalk in front of my pick up, and I was turning, so I sort of helped the 70 year old geezer do a high step across the street in helping him speed up to a near run.
I enjoyed  that greatly and it is still  one of my more pleasant memories in life, but as I said I was youthful then and did not know better as I am polite now.

So Zelda sort of got close to the invader's heals, and I was thinking about laying on the horn, when the guy with earphones stuck in his ipod, walking in the middle of the lane, happened to notice he had something like an elephant in back of him, and he found a higher gear of travel, shifted into it, and got the hell out of the way.
Then he smiled at me as if this was a common thing in the 3rd world like Obama getting rocks chucked at his tard dancing in Indonesia.

I was polite though and did not flip him off, as I was quite proud in giving him his first education in American, as you know I am always looking to be helpful. For those who doubt my polite, there was a time in youthful exuberance I might have gave him a ride on my bumper, when I caught him sprinting across that open lot, and then deposited him on the balcony of the government paid for housing, as after such a sprint I would not want him over exerting climbing stairs.

I really used to be polite, really polite, but that sort of stopped when I was in the metro, in I was polite, like getting out of the way of these green carders and invaders, but one day in the antique shop, a horde of Hindu were in the aisle raising hell, and taking great pleasure in busting glass objects that consignment vendors had placed there trying to make an American living, and then this Caucasoid girl decided not to get out of the way as her brain dead parent strolled along. It seems I remember that the kid got the hell out of the way, because I made her move.........seems now Mexicans that come down the aisle have to turn around and get out of my way, as they learn to be  polite like I was.

I like welcoming these invaders to America. I have this mentoring trait in me which is of great benefit, as that Muslim no doubt will live a long and healthy life until he becomes a suicide bomber or shooter in America, but at least he will know enough now to not walk in traffic.

It seems I kind that way, and polite too. There just seems to be no end to the positive attributes which the Good Lord has bestowed upon me.