Saturday, November 19, 2016

When Cash is King

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We call this Lame Cherry Concentrate again.

Interest rates are going up to 5%. Money for you, money for the banks. Lots of money being repatriated in a trillion from overseas........10% tax, 5% interest, and it pays for itself in 2 years.

Not all bad in derivatives debt being hawked. See with President Donald Trump, you will prosper under interest rates hiking in your savings, but in Hamrod and Obama, you would have been robbed.

There is not going to be inflation acceleration, but it will instead be deflation........see regs come off your energy, your American energy starts fracing, all production costs reduce, and that brings deflation in competitive markets. Markets are competitive as is not Chinaman or Latin slave labor, but American high quality labor void of all those EPA and OSHA regs, and Obamacare is vanished. Competition lowers costs as it did with Ronald Reagan.

In a Bloomberg Interview, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan says “fairly soon” we could see a shift away from excessively low interest rates.
Greenspan Quotes
  1. We could see a shift away from excessively low interest rates “fairly soon”.
  2. “I think up in the area of 3 to 4, or 5 percent, eventually. That’s what rates have been historically, not only for hundreds of years, but thousands of years.”
  3. “We’re moving into the very early stages of inflation acceleration. That could be the trigger. There is only one long-term direction in interest rates and that is up.”
  4. “It’s a problem, as in going from where we are now to 4 or 5 percent. There’s a whole structure of adjustments which have taken place, basically since 2008, which have to be unwound, and that’s not going to be done without a problem.”
  5. If you listen to the debates and the primaries, nobody is addressing the fundamental issues that need to be addressed. Entitlements are rising and choking off gross domestic savings, and ultimately gross, domestic investment. And it’s the major cause of the reason why output per hour and productivity were so flat, not only in the United States, but throughout the developed world.”


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