Friday, December 30, 2016

A Clinton to Never Darken the Shores with their Shadow again

Bill Clinton welled up as he praised his wife's presidential campaign after casting his vote for Hillary (pictured with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as he cast his ballot for Hillary Clinton in the Senate chambers of the Capitol in Albany)

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had honestly hoped to salvage the legacy of Bill Clinton, not because he deserves it, but because Hillary Clinton should not have been allowed to destroy what was left of Bill Clinton, so that all that was left for liberals was the worst failure in Jimmy Carter and the worst betrayer in Barack Obama as lurking ex Presidents.

All of that changed though in New York on the Electoral College voting, in Bill Clinton was unpleasant in the least, showing his pettiness in directing comments at President Donald Trump. Instead of being magnanimous, Bill Clinton descended to mockery over Bill Clinton getting more electoral votes and rebuffing President Trump in a concession call, that Mr. Trump was being friendly and Bill Clinton stating they were no longer friends.

It is a reality of what the Clintons are. The Clintons cheated to win the White House twice in smearing HW Bush, how forgave the Clintons and mentored them, and smearing Bob Dole who became the elder statesman who America loved.

After the reprehensible misbehavior of Hillary Clinton contesting the election results in recounts, allowing rioters to rip America apart, and enabling insane electoral college terrorists, the Clintons with the Obamas have ushered in the first non peaceable transfer of power in America, shattering all American tradition.

I had hoped that Bill Clinton could resurrect himself as Richard Nixon did, in helping Mr. Clinton's juvenile presidency which was failing, but after the Clinton display, Bill Clinton belongs to the impeachment legacy of history as a criminal rapist, who sold out America for campaign bribes.

Bill Clinton belongs with Hillary Clinton in their Obama racism in calling him a "bright boy" and speaking to Blacks in Nigger accent, in being the trio of Carter, Clinton and Obama, in the biggest failure, largest criminal and grandest fraud.

President Trump should exhibit absolutely no generosity for the Clintons or Obamas. The worst of this was Michelle Obama yacking at Oprah Winfrey about how Melania Trump in time could turn to Michelle, and be taught how to be First Lady.
Non de Deus, Melania Trump was born to the role of First Lady and Michelle Obama's only lesson she could teach was how to offend the world with a brain the size of a pea and and a two zip  code sized ass.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions must initiate widespread investigations to the crimes of  the Clintons and Obamas, from terror dealing in Benghazi terrorists to the bribes these criminal couples have immersed themselves in. They must be indicted by Military Court, and tried without pardon. While America does not have the Tower of London, it does have the Cells of Gitmo for exiles from America to never darken the shores with their shadows again.

It is time for President Trump to save liberalism from these tenants of anti American Virtue. It is time to write the political epitaphs of these retches of humanity who remind one of the Biblical excuse given Pharaoh, that at least in hell he will be comforted there as other worthless leaders will be imprisoned there too.

To remember Bill Clinton, was the memory of an oversexed boy, who bribed Americans with a stock market bubble, to charm his way past lying, cheating and stealing. Now, with the youth departed, the sex perversion, and clinging to a reality now that reveals Bill Clinton was just a spoiled brat.

Strangely in this, Barack Hussein Obama took the mantel of the Kennedy legacy and destroyed it, and has now obliterated Bill Clinton's legacy with the pathological crimes of his wife.

Hell for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama is the coming reality that in all of this, Jimmy Carter has been redeemed in now being thought of as not as horrid as he was, compared with the deplorables of Clinton and Obama.

It is best to allow the Clinton's and Obama's to be what they are and expose all they are.

Bill Clinton was destroyed by the thing void in his psyche, the thing HW Bush showed him in generosity, and Obama was destroyed by the thing void in his psyche of humanity, which W. Bush showered on Obama.

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 A beaten, tire, malevolent, old pervert, the unattractive epitaph of Bill Clinton.

Old Clintons do die, but never fade away until they have destroyed their memories.

- Lame Cherry