Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fools make Resolutions, while Americans get it done

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Americans are best known by their words and their attitudes. You have to have an attitude about life or you are never going to make it through or amount to a blessing. Attitude is not the bar bully nor the Facebook ranter hiding behind brawn or keyboards. Attitude is not giving up. Attitude is finding a way to make it when others give up lost or dead. Attitude is dying on your two hind legs, and not cowering on all fours.

- Lame Cherry

The following are quotes from Chuck Yeager, American, husband, father, veteran, test pilot, hunter, fisherman and Hero.

Fools make resolutions for a New Year, because they are failed in every year of their lives by giving up and sitting on their asses. For what Americans are facing as they cling to the edge of the abyss along with President Trump, it is going to take a lot of grit and hang time to be carried through this by Jesus.

And now General Chuck Yeager, an American 1000 times any astronaut.

When President Truman presented me with the Collier Trophy in 1948 for breaking the sound barrier, my Dad attended the White House ceremonies, but refused to shake hands with the President. He glowered at Truman, as acting like a rival preacher trapped into meeting the pope.
As far as Dad was concerned, the first good Democrat had yet to be born.

Mom had battled to get him to the ceremony, then chewed him out glory for being so rude. But Dad wasn't going to shake that damn Democrat's hand; hell, he hated Truman. Mom tried to cover up by exchanging corn bread recipes with the President, while Air Force Secretary Stuart Symington and Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg saw what was happening and fought against the giggles.

"My husband is a little firm in his ways," Mom explained to Symington. He broke up.

General Chuck Yeager
American Hero
The Right Stuff

"There is a question that annoys me and I keep being asked it, if whether I think I got "the right stuff".
I know golden trout have the right stuff, and I've seen a few gals here and there who have it in spades, but those words are meaningless when used to describe a pilot's ability.

I don't deny I was damned good. If there is such a thing as "the best", I was at least one of the top contenders. I've had a full life and enjoyed just about every damned minute of it, because that's how I lived."

General Chuck Yeager.