Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Jeb Bush Holiday

I guess some wombs are only good for popping out 1 President


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking about Jeb Bush after Thanksgiving, in what it must be like for a family gathering now.

Dinner is announced, and as Jeb tries to sit down at the family table, he is told that only Presidents get to sit with the adults, and is pointed to take his place at a cardboard table.

Then the roast beast is passed, but Babs shoves a plate of beans before him and says, "Only Presidents get to eat turkey!!!"

After dinner, Jeb has to wipe himself, as Presidents only get that.

Then games follow, and George and George say, "Sorry Jeb, only Presidents get to play cards".

Then Jeb looks around the room, and notices that his graduation picture looks alot like Donald Trump graduating school.

Then a phone call comes in, and it is Immigration calling, to say that the wife has turned herself in and is being deported back to Mexico as she sees no future in being an anchor wife..........and warns Jeb not to try and anchor in Mexico as she has prospects yet in dwarfs are always in demand.

Jeb then gets invited to play hide and seek with the children. He goes off and hides, and they go play video games in the basement.

When the dog sniffs him out, it growls at him.

Jeb hears Babs telling Laura, "I am not sure I had him really".

Sometimes life is hard being a Bush. There is the President's table. The Presidents game. The Presidents turkey, and then there is Jeb's bean platter and card table, as the children leave him in the outhouse hiding all afternoon, as they text #NotMyJeb @therealDonaldTrump.

It must be tough to be Jeb Bush in spending 100 million dollars to lose to Donald Trump, and his only comeback is, "Well Hillary Clinton spent a billion and lost to Trump too!", and no one cares.

Christmas? Just a simple note from Jorge the son. "Thank you for ruining my chance to be President too dad".