Thursday, December 15, 2016

To President Trump's Left Ear

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is another suggestion to President Donald Trump and explanation to those in the Trump group who monitor this blog as to what the Lame Cherry was directing considering the best possible place for the Trumpkinder.

When the Lame Cherry advocated security clearances for Don jr. and Eric Trump, it was for the expressed purpose of the boys being kitchen cabinet posts.........the heart and soul of America in which they hunt and do charity across, so they could keep Mr. Trump inclined to what Americans are really thinking from the people with shit under their fingernails.
Security clearance means like Val-erie Jarrett, that the Trumpkinder could discuss anything of importance and be counselors for their father to speak with. Mr. Trump had problems with Ivana Trump bringing work home in the marriage, and as Melania is focused on cyberbullying, which a first candidate for prosecution is Rosie O'Donnell stalking Baron  Trump, the President requires family insights to get things off his chest.

The press is being leaked to..........yes bad leaks in fake news, but you should probably figure out that if bad press is appearing for Ivanka Trump taking over the first lady's office........and denied by Hope Hicks, that someone is renigging on the deal they made with Jared Kurschner in now moving to cut out Trump daughter Ivanka........that would be Vice President Mike Pence's group seeking to now cut off President Trump from his family, and they will accomplish it.

President Trump, Sir, there are jealousies and skullduggery in  the White House, and  today's covenant to get rid of Trump loyalists, is tomorrow's Cassius moment in a group willing to take out the Kurschner's with a scandal.
Understand this Sir, if HW Bush can be rolled by George Mitchell on Read My Lips, there are already pitfalls laid for Ivanka's pet projects to crucify her in their being a disaster.

Place it this way, when Ronald Reagan got led around by Nancy Reagan in guilt over James Brady being shot with him, for the Brady Bill in gun control, it ripped a large segment of Conservatives from Ronald Reagan who never forgot. You now have an electorate which has been betrayed by Bush fam and Paul Ryan for a generation, and when they see fat boy Al Gore meeting with Ivanka, and her hauling his blubber up to you,  with that film boy Leonarod DiCaprio the same week, people start getting uneasy and that works directly into the Big Koch, Mike Pence coup for power.

Mr. President, they are going to come at you every way past Tuesday, and you know this, and the one which is the ultimate playbook is your children will be the ones they will harm you by, and if they can, they will impeach you by.
There have been discussions already over drawing Ivanka in, getting Jared Kurschner's links to various activities shifted to Justice, and get the disgruntled FBI to get backing from Pelosi and Schumer to demand an investigation, with the end result to get you informed so it is another Watergate situation of the Oval Office meddling or what they drool over is hauling away Ivanka and Kurschner for questioning as CNN cameras roll, and in the end, there will be Jared Kurschner giving testimony against the President, his father in law, to save Kurschner's ass in the ultimate betrayal and revenge on you Mr. President.

Mr. Trump, you DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN ANYWHERE NEAR THE WHITE HOUSE PROPER. No offices, no official Hillarycare or Ivanka Daycare associations. Do not make this mistake sir.

Instead, you hire a conduit for Ivanka in her policies. Find someone who is not going be intimidated by her, that can tell her to sit down and shut up, nor be buffaloed by you. You give this woman the lead on what Ivanka is about to separate all of this out.
No meetings with you EVER over this. Ivanka can bring the kids to run around on the White House lawn and the advocate can discuss things then, and put the Right Wing finishing touches on this to make the Conservatives agree to it, and then Ivanka keeps her mouth shut when it passes and is implemented with no photo ops.

I would suggest three women for this Advocate role, who have an East Wing office to deal with all of this.

Bay Buchanan - Wikipedia

Angela Marie "Bay" Buchanan (born December 23, 1948) is a prominent conservative political commentator who served as Treasurer of the United States under President ...

Linda Chavez - Wikipedia

Linda Lou Chavez (born June 17, 1947) is an American author, commentator, and radio talk show host. She is also a Fox News analyst, Chairman of the Center ...

Elizabeth Dole - Wikipedia

Mary Elizabeth Alexander Hanford "Liddy" Dole (born July 29, 1936) is an American politician who served in both the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush presidential ...
 I am asking you to listen to the advice Mr. President. I believe you need your family's ears and hearts, but do not let them near anything in policy or they will be dragged before the media, as they are now, and Congress for public disgrace to get at you.

Appoint an Advocate for Ivanka, as her working Mother's entitlements are an issue of importance, but do not let it bring down your Presidency or separate you from your base. If you had decent advisers with insights, they never would have allowed this fissure to ever appear.

On  the opposite, Don jr. performed perfectly in Ryan Zinke as Secretary of the Interior, as what was envisioned. Your children serving America, yourself and the Republican Conservatives for the Western voice they deserved for supporting you.

I have once again provided you with the way out of this firestorm as I have been for the past 18 months and realized that I lost a year of my life which I did not realize where the time went. Do this, and deal with Ivanka as pretty girls in fashion suits, are even bigger attention getters in prison orange jump suits.

You do not want Patty Reagan naked. You do not want Bill Carter doing terror deals. You do not want Bush twins dancing on tables. You do not want Roger Clinton drunk and you do not want Malia Obama huffing choom.

This coup of Ivanka to get at you, proves exactly what was warned of in Mike Pence in this unholy alliance, and if this is not nipped, the coup will be successful against you, Mr. President.

Get your left ear a babysitter in Buchanan, Chavez or Dole where they can tell your child, "Yes Ivanka, that is nice, but we are trying to not go to prison this week as Washington is for adults, and as they got Richard Nixon and Hillary Clinton, sweetie, you should know that you are no Nixon and Clinton, and these people will have you in orange jumpsuit before the end of the year.".

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