Sunday, December 4, 2016

Advice for the Bill Clinton at Heart

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I was not raped by Bill Clinton nor did he ever wag his dong at me, I can be less Lorena Bobbit than other women, in placing something before the public to resurrect the legacy of former President Bill Clinton.

For once, I will actually tell you what is behind this in the logistics, and not just have people wondering what in the hell I am doing again.

I place it before all of you, that the best way to rid us of the legacy of the utter ruin of Barack Hussein Obama and the criminality of Hillary Rodham Clinton, is to have Bill Clinton supplant them all, as it is a case of do you want Obama Clinton voters George HW Bush and Jimmy lust in his heart Carter your dynamics, or do you want Bill Clinton with his hot energizer bunny friend.

In this, Bill Clinton needs to be restored as the first Black American President, so Blacks can recover from Obama. In this, Bill Clinton needs to come out with a statement after he speaks with President Trump in something like this:

America has suffered a great deal since 9 11. We are poorer, less safe and not pleased with our government. It is my hope to help President Donald Trump in any policy to assist the American People, as former President Richard Nixon reached out and helped me.
I appreciated it immensely in this Republican helping my administration. I appreciated President HW Bush not second guessing me in public, and I appreciated President George W. Bush not second guessing who succeeded him. This is the duty of former Presidents to help the current President succeed, for when they succeed, America succeeds.

When Bill Clinton does this, he looks classy, and sets up a future for his adopted daughter Chelsea Hubble. His stage is set, as Bush fam have pissed away their legacy, and image Obama is going to make Americans groan in it's community rioting.

There is a place for Bill Clinton, as an advocate and confidant of President Donald Trump. Bill Clinton is going to have to leave his duplicity behind, as he is going to get one chance. He is going to have to rise to the high diplomatic level of President Richard Nixon, and understand he is no longer a Democrat, but is a former President with a legacy to rebuild in being seen as an asset of every Donald Trump foreign policy victory.

Bill Clinton did not want to be  the wife of Hillary Clinton in facing more humiliation as first lady, nor spend his last years, working his ass off trying to fix the disaster that Obama left in the American economy. It is better if this elder statesman is seen with smiles, meeting with President Trump, and other leaders. Let that be the legacy of Bill Clinton. He still has a lingering persona in some parts of this world and his political insights are still of value.

Mr. Clinton needs to cut a deal on the Foundation, to put it to rest. No jail time, but blaming others for mismanagement, and his plea bargain will be to be a Hoover good will ambassador feeding the hungry. The Democrats have two losers in Jimmy Carter and Barack Hussein Obama, and Mr. Clinton can easily outshine a nail pounder and community organizer. He simply needs to play nice, and President Trump will be generous for the sake of America, and the press will post stories about how much Bill Clinton loves Donald Trump and how Bill Clinton simply now wants to make amends and live the simple life, helping the poor.

Cut Hillary loose Mr. Clinton. Put her out to the Huma farm to face the consequences. You do not want her presence tarnishing your legacy. You are no longer a Democrat. You are only a former President writing the final chapter with the help of Donald Trump, the way you helped Richard Nixon write his final chapter in his assisting you.

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