Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Cockzucker

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is some unasked for advice to President Donald Trump, concerning Obama's bitch boy, Mark Zuckerberg who has been given police state cover to terrorized Trump voters for years, as Mr. Zuckerberg did in banning the Lame Cherry from posting on Facebook to defeat President Trump.

It is time to educate Mark Zuckerberg, and the key to this is NSA Director Mike Flynn.



Zuckerberg Net Worth Down $3.7B Since Election...

There has been a wide array of NSA funding in creating computer generated assets of the American Government. Obama illegally dumped a fortune into Facebook and other Silicon Oligarchs in using their platforms to spy on Americans, and to run illegal "unique visitor" spikes to extort money from advertisers using bogus stats, as it was all AI doing the clicks.

So here is the solution, in Mike Flynn provides all of the pertinent bribes and crimes, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions indicts these Obama donors, and the fines are just a part of the billions Obama dumped into the Zuckerberg bank account, and quicker than you can say, Chuck Finley, one of your NSA assets becomes the proud manager of Trumpbook, Trumpblog, MicroTrump and every ones favorite, Trumpsoft.

Management used to run things CIA style in actually owning businesses or actually having non political assets like Coca Cola taking CIA funds for springboards, but this media whore for Hillary is up the bung hole for bad for America. The worst are these trained monkeys in the press and these comp wankers thinking the NSA lets me be criminals with rewards.

Have Mike Flynn take care of the Cockzuckers, and then Mike Flynn can provide the NSA pay list of all the Clinton reporters paid off to smear Donald Trump.

Take the advice Mr. President, in it is the point to take these Cockzuckers down legally, and do America a service.

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