Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chuck the meat grinder Schumer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking about making the Lame Cherry available to Senator Chuck Schumer, as Chuck, did a Saturday Night Massacre of the Senate Media Team, as their propaganda sucked, and Chuck is driven to put out better smears on President Trump, as the old smears were as dinosaur as that cave relic stuff coming out of Hillary Clinton's campaign.

There is no one better at this than the Lame Cherry and Chuck Schumer is the most Conservative member of the Senate..........and he certainly can not depend on those traitors John McCain and Lindsey Graham to stop some of the Trump why should not two Conservatives join to bring a better future to America eh.

The thing is there are things that I do not understand in the dichotomy of Chuck Schumer.............a Conservative and now he has this hot as Playboy daughter, who you know has never voted for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in her life.

See what I mean.......

Jessica Schumer, left, listens as her father, Sen.

Jessica Schumer could make a gay Obama hard and could put a stiffy on the wife Muchelle too.

Just look at her qualifications as Babe # Schumer.

Jessica Schumer is a graduate of Harvard University, her father's alma mater, and Yale Law School. She went to work in the Obama administration as an adviser to then National Economic Council chairman Larry Summers after winning a Heyman Federal Public Service Fellowship as she graduated from law school in 2010, records show.

I bet Chuck did not have to give 2.5 million to Harvard like Jared Kurschner's old man did for a diploma. J. Schumer did it the hard way, she earned it.

Now she is to be unemployed too, as America has fired Obama and that whole rat ass regime. That is what is odd, in Chuck did not move to fire the crapola White House economic advisers, because they are the ones who are responsible for the Obama Super Depression, which caused the disaster for Democrats across the board.
I can not blame Chuck for that in being a protective father. I would not fire my hot daughter either........if I had an ugly child I would not fire them, but I certainly would not have them exposed to the perverts in the Obama regime or she might get preggo by Val-erie Jarrett.

I digress......

I have noticed that ugly people, like Chuck Schumer, not that he is ugly, but if people knew how Conservative he was, liberals would call him ugly, but ugly people simply produce good looking children. It is just some God bless phenom really, and Chuck has done well...........he named his daughter a pretty name, not some uggo name like Muchelle or Oprah and just think of the world we would have now if Chuck Schumer had bitch slapped Hillary Clinton aside when Hillary put old Huma Abedin on Anthony Wiener.

For those who do not know, Anthony was Chuck's protege'. So what could have been better if Anthony Wiener was Chuck's son in law. You just know if Anthony was on Jessica, she would have drained him of body fluids and he would probably have been Vice President for Hillary Clinton.

Yes no FBI investigation of Huma and Anthony to put the nail in the Hillary coffin career, if only Chuck had sent his daughter over to give a wiener better advice than Obama on economics.

Well anyway, the offer is on the table to Chuck Schumer. I figure instead of submitting my application in information that Homeland Security has on my address, it is better for Chuck to donate a big salary to me with benefits (by the way, Chuck Schumer pays like 50 to 90 thousands to his chic staff......not like Hillary Clinton who made the chics get knee burns on her staff for crack whore wages.

I could churn out all kinds of propaganda to get those GOPliters like McCain, Graham, Thune, Pence and I could make Schumercare the best thing that people have had, and mothers would name their children after Chuck........oh and in true nepotism,  I promise to hire Jessica to economically advise me to spend more money on lobster, steak and cognac dinners.

Nuff Said