Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merkel's Gold Moon Muslims

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I thought I would see what the matrix had to say on the Anis pronounced ANUS.

Inquiry points to the anus was out of Germany and in the Lowlands, already trying to get out of the EU, before he was deported.
The destination was not specific, but the trend seems to be anus is moving to arrive in America.

The German police state knows who did the attack, and not apprehending this group, did a search and settled on this anal candidate, and produced the documentation which was planted in the truck.

Inquiry states that what is trending is there will not be an American entry, and the anus will be located for a rather Fahrenheit 451 back alley execution to put an end to this.

The East German frau was not aware of the attack, but is well aware now of saving her political career in a nice bit of theater. She can bill herself now not as Muslim importer of Muslim Rape Cock, but as Islamic killer, a real daughter of Adolf Hitler.
No word if Frau Merkel is going to put Gold Moons on Muslims and have them parade around  the concentration camps as she concentrates on her political holocaust.

What is trending is D Day for the rectal exam on December 26th to lay this to rest.

I sort of like the idea of glow in the dark crescent moons that all Muslims have to wear, on their veils and turbans.

None of my business in 3 involved, one Chechen, in Germany, not leaving. They will not be caught.