Monday, December 19, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you have missed this, as most of you have never heard what a Greg Palast is, this is just a courtesy call, in Keith Ellison and Martin King part three, have been part of an organized operation attacking Crosscheck, which is the program utilized to keep Clinton  Obama voters from voting numerous times or across state lines.

Those behind this are "minorities" which you can translate as the slave labor trade of Asians, dumped into American restaurant pits, Latins in the slave labor disgrace and this mix of Negroes brought to America for the new community organized plantation overseers to rule.

It is the point in this that votes were "not counted" in States which Mr. Trump won. Yes that would be ballots which were removed for not meeting can not fill in all the dots on a ballot because you are not bright enough to vote for only one candidate.

This is just one of the number of things which are being instigated by community organized Obama's groups.

Stopping Crosscheck is the Standing Rock of racist vote suppression.  If we don’t open the investigations now, by January 21, Kris Kobach will be Homeland Security chief and Jeff Sessions Attorney General.

Yes all the racist emotional buttons from heap big conspiracies, which what Standing Rock has to do with vote suppression, is only a line which a paid liberal mind could conceive or receive, but this is about the "fake news" of vote suppression, or as it used to be know in VOTE FRAUD in criminal democrats and invading foreigners were never supposed to vote in American elections.

Maybe I should be a liberal fraud writer, as they seem to get to take trips and rub vulvas with the minorities of renown. Who has not dreamed of wearing a turban with Keith Ellison or sniffing the aftershave of Loretta Lynch.

Put it this way, in Jeff Rense is featuring Palast with questions if Donald Trump is going keep his campaign promises by Jim Marrs.........the honeymoon is over and it is apparently time to leverage for those who wrote the checks out.