Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gun Ballet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Across America there are numbers of gun courses in which a shooter can practice in various Dirty Harry scenarios, and in listening to one shooter run through the scenario of being in a mall where their child was in daycare.........I immediately thought, "Why are you going toward the gun and not security your child?"

In that, the Lame Cherry desires to point a few facts out in you are not Bruce Willis. You are most likely not a dumb ass liberal either who stands around waiting to be shot by terrorists. So when you hear gun fire, think you see someone who might be a problem, you immediately begin backing away from that zone.

I realize some of you have some spouses or children who think they know more than God, but the first step in gun safety is that when you or your spouse grabs you, and starts gently pulling, you or them do not be dumb asses and start pulling away in attitude and ranting, "What are you pulling on me for!!!!", making yourself a huge target.

That is never taught in gun safety, but the first line of defense is to have the people you are with not having their heads up their asses resisting you, but knowing if you touch them in a spot, they are to immediately not decide that sorting through bras is the most important thing in life, but that just like dancing, you follow the lead of your partner, and sometime in the next safe zone they will explain what is taking place, and you do not need to be writing an encyclopedia at that moment.

Most of you will never take a gun safety class from someone who knows something, so I will repeat a reality in, if you are in public and you see something dangerous or you hear shots, you move away from that danger with a haste, but not causing such a disturbance that you become the focus of the danger.

I would that most of you would practice some basic things in entering rooms or buildings, and that is to scan the area with your eyes to assess where people are and if you notice anything that does not look safe.

In a room, you should always know the entrances and exits, but equally, you should always have your back to a wall, as no wall ever knifes you or shoots you in the back of the head.
No matter what, a human's head does not pivot like an owl's head, and you have at least a 40 degree blind spot, which is your danger zone.
For your best advantage in being armed, a corner is your safest location, because all you have to secure is 90 degrees. Have something to block your profile or bullets and you are 100% secure, except for your body parts which are exposed.

I will repeat this, in you can not get shot or stabbed if you are not in a dangerous situation. So you do not get into those situations and I repeat, you begin moving away by instinct from danger.

I am going to walk you through a Lame Cherry defensive mode though, for the worst case situation, because again I will repeat, you go away from danger, because the last thing you want is your gun pulled, having to explain to trigger happy police who you are and worse yet, having fired that gun, you have a DA who is going to bankrupt you for the regime in making a George Zimmerman 2.5 million dollars in attorney fees.
You are not John Wayne and this is not John Wayne America. You move from danger. When out of danger you do the 911, and you are not an asstard taking selfies to post on Facebook or Twitter, so you let the people with the pensions and Internal Affairs hose down criminals with bullets, and you go home and have pizza and a beer.

If your firearm is every drawn, it is up, as in 45 to 90 degree position. People tend to fire at things when their guns cover things, and in public situations you do not want to be pointing firearms as the public in making mistakes. When the firearms is up, you have to make a conclusion of assessing the danger, then acquiring the target which requires a few seconds, which are motor functions and conscious acts, and not reactions which trigger pulls are.

In a Jeff Cooper gunfight, you have primaries which you must be aware.

First primary is you keep your back to a wall if at all possible by instinct.
First primary is you obtain cover for your profile, between you and the danger.

That is what is termed a fox hole, and in everything you do, you look for a trench to link you to your next fox hole to take up position. You do not expose yourself. I will repeat that you are not John Wayne or Rambo, immune to projectiles moving at high speeds.

Now second primary in your position, from cover, you create poetry.

Poetry is:

Target set
Right Left

I told you this was dance and that is what it is, it is ballet. You see the danger which is the target, but to keep other criminals from sneaking up on you, you look right, look left, and then on your strong foot piroette 45 degrees to check what is in back of you, and then you piroette back to the target.

It does not make any difference if you have fired, if you are covering or if you have moved to a new position, in your home or business, it is always the same in your mind, Target set, Right Left, Piroette.

In moving into a room, or extricating yourself from a room, it is the wall in your rear guarding you, and then you progress to your advantage. I explain in entering a room or building, it is of benefit to always slide to your strong side with the wall behind you, whether you are right or left handed. It is a comfort situation, and it allows right or left eye dominant to peripherally protect you, while both eyes are frontal and weakside protecting you.

As stated you are not Angie Dickison in Police Woman, so you are moving away from danger and not toward it.

Retreat is always to the best safety of no danger or to a 45 degree field, of your back to a secure area, your front behind something solid, and the danger must approach through a hall or door. In most cases, unless dealing with a lunatic or a doper, announcing you are armed from your secure position, convinces by instinct the criminal to seek easier mutton to flay. Once again, you go have a pizza and a beer, and do not need lawyer fees as you are not Clint Eastwood.

Most of this is instinct if you watch a cat, they move in the same manner, and all you have to do is go away from danger, use cover to extricate yourself and let the police earn their pay.

So that is your Gun Dance class. You can practice this in your home with your cell phone or a bottle of Dawn. It is not that hard, as that is how Soldiers are all conditioned. But your first conditioning is to move away from danger. Then the rest of this does not matter.