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The Needs of President Donald Trump

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Sean Homo Hannity was making a good point, and again going the extra mile concerning a story by 60 Minutes centering on Joe Max Higgins.

How an economic developer is bringing factory jobs back to ...

Joe Max Higgins is credited with generating about 6,000 manufacturing jobs in Mississippi's Golden Triangle, ... bringing factory jobs ... 60 Minutes correspondent ...

What this Golden Triangle is about, is not Obama opium in southeast Asia, but about how an Arkansas headhunter took the wastes of Mississippi into a 1.5 trillion dollar new steel factory, 2 aircraft manufacturing plants and the Yokohama tire manufacturing plant, where people are earning around 100,000 dollars a year.

This was the rotten crotch of America, an area where the company once had to steam clean the parking lot every day, for all the leaking junkers coating oil over it, and now they all drive new cars, and it is now the land of the American Dream.

The American South was genocided by Lincoln in the American Civil War and in reconstruction it was occupied by the federals for a decade and left  for dead. It had education in engineers at the University of Mississippi, and able workers, but they were never able to connect the Tennessee Valley Authority to industry.

That is what Mr. Higgins accomplished in a simple plan. It was a plan which is Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Duluth and Houston. In each of those locations, Americans simply mixed water, energy and manufacturing, and a little thing like Detroit was born, whether it was fur or Fords.

That is what Mr. Higgins accomplished. For 16 million dollars, they built an electrical plant, water sewage and plugged into the transportation system of river and interstate, and the end result was no longer the Okra Queens, but was a modern steel factory, turning out the best steel in the world.

Sean Homo Hannity, after seeing the 60 Minutes report, wrote letters to the Trump children, and was concerned as all of should be when Paul Ryan is talking about 500 billion dollar infrastructure projects, which money is going to disappear faster than the Obama stimulus bribes disappeared.

Paul Ryan has absolutely no intention of helping Donald Trump. In fact, Ryan hopes to cripple Donald Trump with Mike Pence, as this blog has been warning you about. This is about Ryan embezzling for the same capitalist cronies that Sarah Palin warned you about.

Now what we need to do, to help Mr. Trump as President, is to not allow these GOPliters to steal this money from us as they let Obama get away with. Think of it this way in we can line Big Koch's pockets with 500 billion, or we can instead put into these 50 United States, the same seed money, double it, so that is 20 million, and that is just 1 billion dollars, and  then we let the tax revenues pay for the infrastructure renewals, instead of us.

Mr. Higgins thought they would get a quarter of a million dollars a year in taxes. What the Golden Triangle is generating is 1 million dollars a month. That is 12 million dollars a year in new taxes, which are being pumped into infrastructure.
Literally for the original investment, it was paid for in a year and a half by production and not government handouts.

That is what North Dakota did in their Frac Oil. They had to build roads and septic systems.  Now for that oil to run our engines and warm our homes, the Dakota Access Pipeline is bringing that to the Midwest, as soon as these Sioux Obama terrorists with Soros terrorists are removed. It is all about your products being shipped to other States and nations, so you can have that 100,000 dollar a year job.

The General Accounting Office must conduct and Audit of the TARP money which disappeared and the Obama stimulus, and seize those assets as the majority of it, ended up in personal bank accounts in embezzlment. Seize that money and we do not need the Ryan stimulus scam.

What America does need though is someone in a special 4 year appointment, to manage this money for coordinating with states to remodel the necessary infrastructure in targeted economic zones. As stated, Americans were quite adept at already having located all of their successful population centers on main waterways, ports, next to coal or now natural gas, and all that is required is to put in new plumbing not for just kids to not drink lead water in Flynt, but to have Flynt Michigan involved in manufacturing again as American Business is made to come home.

Warren Buffett purchased plastics in Ohio and sent those jobs to India, along with tool companies. It is time to reward American plastic manufacturers and retroactive penalize Warren Buffett, the notoroious Obama nation rapist, in forcing him to bring back those industries for 100,000 dollar a year jobs in America, instead of exploiting Indians for 17 dollars a day.

America can be made great again, but it must be made great in spite of these traitors in Paul Ryan, Warren Buffett and Big Koch. Seriously as a note to President Trump, he has Justice, and Justice can fine and seize assets looted from America. Just put OMB, IRS and Justice together, and Mr. Trump has more than enough funding, as I would bet all of these Obama crooks would find all sorts of billions to invest in America, providing it was their "do not go to jail card".

What the Trump Administration needs to understand is the wisdom of Theodore Roosevelt, who stated that America could have spent all her government wealth on attempting to turn Ohio from a wilderness to a state, and ended up with a wilderness. Instead American Government, when it cared about America, turned Ohio over to exploitation and a state was built by people's natural desire to prosper.

In the 21st century, it simply is President Trump, OMB and the IRS, taking Obama stolen money back that Paul Ryan voted for, and then placing a manager to direct this funding to 50 golden triangles in each America least the ones not threatening to secede like California.

President Trump is already attracting huge investment into America. It simply needs to be managed properly.

Trump Lands Huge Deal with Japanese Bank, $50 Billion ...

... $50 Billion Investment and 50,000 More Jobs for Americans; ... Trump Lands Huge Deal with Japanese Bank, $50 Billion Investment and 50,000 More Jobs ...

The Lame Cherry nominates for the job of overseeing this remodeling of America, someone who is a proven performer in the former Governor of North Dakota, so he understands oil, understands management, understands economic progression, saved the University of North Dakota, and was Secretary of Agriculture.
These North Dakotans know business and prosperity.

Place Ed Schafer over this national construction project and it will be built, so all of these businesses will have the infrastructure to come home to.

Ed Schafer - Wikipedia

Edward Thomas "Ed" Schafer (born August 8, 1946) is a business leader, former Governor of North Dakota, former U.S. Agriculture Secretary and past university ...

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