Sunday, December 11, 2016

John McCain Engaged In Blackmailing President Elect Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is going to be a Lame Cherry Concentrate as being in poverty and winter, the God fearing children who do donate, do not make up for the self serving rich brats pampering themselves in luxury, so I do not have the time to go into detail about this subject, and only skim the surface.

Assange says hacked Clinton emails didn't come from Russia ...

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange insisted that the ... Clinton and her campaign have repeatedly claimed the Russia was the culprit in the hacking ...

By now most of you have heard of John McCain and Lindsey Graham acting like they won the Presidential Election in issuing orders out of the Senate, with John McCain doing the first thing in 8 years, since he ended trying to sabotage President Bush's administration, in announcing he would go after Russian hackers in a Senate Select Committee.

McCain called for a select committee to further investigate the extent of Russia’s influence and intentions.
“I would like in an ideal world to have a select committee,” he said, adding that he would hope such a committee would be made up of leaders on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Foreign Relations Committee and Armed Services Committee.
In the meantime, McCain said, senators are putting together a plan to investigate the issue through a subcommittee on the Senate Armed Services Committee -- and that he’s “confident” it will be handled on a bipartisan basis.

The popular girl will explain what is really taking place here.

You must understand what the Obama Clinton regime has been allowing McCain to do for 8 years with carte blanche. McCain did away with Khadaffi, because Khadaffi was a trade partner with Russia. McCain tried to do away with Assad in Syria........because again Russia was a trade partner of Assad.
McCain has been involved in the terrorism in the Ukraine, because......Russians there want to be a part of Russia.

McCain is a Russophobe like Zbigniew Brzezinski. A Russophobe, because Russia has trillions in dollars of raw natural resources which McCain is employed to for the cartel to get at when Russia is defeated in a nuclear war.

Who stands in the way of this peace? President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump.

How does John McCain attempt to get his way, and divert attention from McCain being one of the fathers of arming Muslim radicals out of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and training Muslim radicals out of Jordan, which murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans, and became the oil for money smuggling group known as ISIS?
Simply John McCain opens up Senate hearings to blackmail President Donald Trump.

As the Lame Cherry exposed all of this in the Jared Kurschner surprise August 16th "vacation" to the Balkans, the exact place that Joe Biden "visited" on a strange emergency visit, this was about all of those Wikileaks coming out, the hackers who were behind this out of the control of the NSA, who are based in that region.
Jared Kurschner worked out a deal where the leaks would continue to flow to the public informing them of Clinton crimes, instead of the deal that Biden was working out to silence them and install Hamrod into the White House.

That is what John McCain is bird dogging in this. McCain knows damn certain that Russia had nothing to do with these hacks. All of the hacks which were pinging out of Russia, had an original DC IP address, but for McCain to extort power from the Trump Administration, McCain is moving to hamper the Putin Trump peace negotiations, and that means McCain will drive this story toward Jared Kurshner to throw the Forbes computer whiz before Congress and attempt to get Kurschner to roll on his father in law.

The warning of this was posted weeks ago in a Lame  Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. The question is now are William Casey "understandings" with Iran over US hostages for Ronald Reagan, an illegal  thing when  Obama was making treaties with dope lords in South America to give al Qaeda coke shipment monopolies in the Obama dope order, or if Jared Kurshner, being of Slavic Ashkenaz roots in Belarus, was legal in reaching an understanding with the Wikileaks sources to keep the Freedom of the Press and the Right of the American People to know what crimes their Clinton Obama crooks have been engaged in.

That is what McCain is sniffing around about, and that is what Chuck Schumer is trailing and they mean to make game on this, as much as the Paul Ryan insiders.

Is it illegal for the New York Times to reach understandings with sources to get a story? Apparently not, as this takes place constantly. So it is not something illegal what Jared Kurschner actually was engaged in, no more than if it is was illegal for Joe Biden to make deals  to silence Wikileaks.
Put it this way, is it illegal for Hillary Clinton to threaten Julian Assange with drone assassination, and as someone not in the Obama regime, to get diplomatic threats to Ecuador to shut Assange up in cutting off  his internet access while in embassy asylum?
See there are all sorts of things which take place, but is it not odd that John McCain never seems to find anything in the Obamas or Clintons to investigate......only when it is Republicans. It is because McCain works for the same cartel lords.

Now for some advice to President Donald Trump. Immediately appoint Chris Christie as an advance man on criminal investigations with full security clearance to NSA, CIA, Homeland and Justice, to gain the evidence on John McCain's crimes, his collusion with Charles Schumer, the Clintons, the Obamas and Lindsey Graham, and on Inauguration Day, be sworn in as Special Prosecutor with a 90 day Grand Jury window to indict all of the above on High Crimes.
This ends the McCain intrigue against the President and the People of these United States, with McCain led out in handcuffs by April 15th in the year of our Lord.

Governor Ducey of Arizona appoints Jan Brewer as Senator to replace the crook McCain, and ......oh yes, and Governor McMaster appoints Chad Connelly as the replacement Senator for crook Lindsey Graham.

Mr. President, you really are doing quite well dodging things, and you are appointing the necessary thumpers to get things done and perform a crack down, but Sir, you really need someone to be a security extension to deal with the Cassius Clique, as President George W. Bush did not deal with them, and McCain brought ruin.
You need you someone with a complete security clearance to deal these traitors into your Justice Department. John McCain is  blackmailing you over your appointment confirmation, your security policy and your Presidency. Deal with it legally now or you will be legally dealt a scandal to remove you.

Put the stick about Mr. President.