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Sweet Homeland Georgia

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It is always an interesting study of intrigue in the Mockingbird press never tells you anything involving information to answer questions, such as the story of the State of Georgia, furious that there were repeated attempts to breach their servers, and the internet address led back to Homeland Security.

“The private-sector security provider that monitors the agency’s firewall detected a large unblocked scan even on November 15 at 8:43 AM. The event was an IP address ( attempting to scan certain aspects of the Georgia Secretary of State’s infrastructure. The attempt to breach our system was unsuccessful,” 

Homeland Security, on a conference call, completely without answers, answered with an answer that it was a spoof or it was they had a rogue agent playing with their computers breaking the law.

 Either a malicious third-party mirrored the DHS IP address linked to the hack — or someone within the department executed the attempted infiltration without authorization. DHS is currently investigating both possibilities.

As no one else will answer the question, it landed to our good Ashkenaz Google source to tell us what the media and Homeland will not. Why Google lists information on how to fake IP addresses is most interesting.

How to fake an IP address?
Then just select Manual proxy configuration and enter the proxy IP address in HTTP Proxy and the Port number. Hit OK. In Internet Explorer: Tools ““> Internet Options ““> Connections ““> LAN Settings. Tick Use a proxy server for your LAN and enter the Address and Port number.

It all grows to even larger Google providing helpful information in the following.

Search Results

Image result for How to fake an IP address?
There are a few ways in which you can do this.
  1. Change Your Proxy Settings In Your Web Browser.
  2. Install GlypeProxy On Your Web Server.
  3. Use Web Proxies.
  4. Connect to a VPN Network.

How to Use a Fake IP Address & Mask Yourself Online - MakeUseOf

Google is really helpful as one wonders how a hacker would know to spoof Homeland, but that is simple as Google provides that address too.

So why Homeland for security concerns, as spoofing is spoofing, would not guard it's IP is something not exactly secure, is another mystery in this.

The problem in this is it is either or as Homeland was beating around the bush about. Either they had a rogue agent, or they had someone get into their office space to use one of their computers to embarrass Homeland which was not addressed, or Homeland has a fan, who specifically moved to link an exact IP address to someone inside Homeland, in sending some message which I doubt we will ever know the Truth of unless Mike Flynn exposes this, as it should be.

A simple look up of this Rogue Hacker address provides the following information:

General IP Information

ISP:Department Of Homeland Security
Organization:Department Of Homeland Security
Services:None detected
Assignment:Static IP

Geolocation Information

Continent:North America
Country:United States us flag
State/Region:District of Columbia
Latitude: 38.8749  (38° 52′ 29.64″ N)
Longitude: -77.0325  (77° 1′ 57.00″ W)
Postal Code:20024

What is key in this, is this is a STATIC ADDRESS, meaning this address never changes. It logs specifically compared to a dynamic, whose last four numbers change on each internet connection.

Homeland knew exactly the connection and those responsible for that connection, but if this was a spoof, then the hacker knew exactly the connection at Homeland and those behind it, and was leaving a signature in that address to call the public's attention to it, because that address is an issue.

Let us just speak in hypotheticals here, as if someone inquired in the matrix, and was writing a fictional account, that maybe some government agency had been arresting hackers, and some of them ended up employed by some government agency, and maybe they were employed to make hacks look like Russian hacks, when it was coming from some government agency, and some spoofer for some reason, who knew what was happening in this agency, got fed up with Russia being blamed, and decided to have an investigation opened up in the Georgia hack, so this agency could then explain what this IP address has been involved in specifically, which may or may not be criminal activity......maybe even surveillance of people in Congress.

Probably would make a wonderful movie, if maybe Matthew Goode starred.

Things are always interesting and I do doubt that we will ever be told honestly what was taking place in this. It is though tantamount that certain rogue agencies stop being tools to smear Russia, who just happens to have nuclear missiles pointed at numerous American cities.

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