Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Bloodmas

Britain's Prince Charles has warned against intolerance towards refugees fleeing religious persecution

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My attention was brought to a story in which Prince Charles was deriding those Donald Trump nationalists across the globe in protecting their peoples from genocide by Muslim Rape Cock, in one of the most bizarre and disjointed connections to the "dark days of the 1930's", which of course linked to National Socialists in Germany and Italy, but more importantly to the British Royal House in the deposed King favored Adolf Hitler, because as history has revealed, that the two world wars against German was to remove them as competitors to the Ashkenaz Cartel in this Anglo Saxon genocide which wiped out Russians, British, French, German and American lineages.

What though captured my attention in red flag was the above photo of Prince Charles in which the old sod is wearing the RED ROSE.

For those who do not know the War of the Roses, it involved the lineages of the Houses of the White and the Red Rose. Infamously, the Red Rose is the House of King Henry, while the House of the White Rose is King Richard III.

In history, the winners write the tales, and Richard III, has been smeared as greatly as Adolf Hitler by the winners.

Richard is known for having murdered the children of the rival king so he would become king. Richard is known for bashing in the head of Henry VI while he is in the tower. Richard is a gimp and always portrayed in the most vile ways.

Now we agree with all of this in being butchery, let us look at the Henry line of the Red Rose which brought about the actions of Richard III.

In the first phase of this, Richard's home was attacked. As they were in hiding, Richard watched his baby brother's throat cut, and the young boy was then cast before his father, the Duke of York, the true English King of England.
As the Duke of York was on his knees, his son's murderer drove a sword into his back, then another stepped forward and did likewise, and then a taunting French Queen whom Henry the VI had wed, finished him off, and then his head was cut off, and placed on pikes at the bridge, with all the other leading York men.

So was Richard III so very vile in the regicide which his family experienced in being deposed in two wars, and a war that eventually killed him in battle, or was he justified in attempting for England to install the true line on the throne and to avenge his family's murders of the White Rose in the House of York?

That is what is most interesting in knowing the background, and the heinous nature of the Red Rose, that Prince Charles is lecturing the world for Muslim Rape Cock, which British Women are being destroyed over,  as Nationalism is an evil, as Charles pisses on the lines of every English descendant in the Isles in one of the many horrifically genocidal wars in those lands.

This is nothing Christmas nor anything which should lecture the world.

Henry V would butcher France at Angincourt.  Henry VI would see God rise up Joan of Arc to deliver France at Patay, and the English would burn Joan at the stake.

What is of interest in this is the Mountbatten or Windsor lines which Charles is, are Charlie come lately in tracing back to King James and were interlopers. Princess Diana was the true lineage, and it is why Charles bred her, for her James I lineage is true from King James to his son King Charles, which reverted back to that goofy George line.

It has always been said the Henry line or the Red Rose was alive in Lady Diana, while Charles was more suited to weeding the garden. Charles has about as much lineage to the Red Rose as any of you, and for that matter, it is beasty to be parading around with as symbol of genocide against Anglo Saxons while Charles spouts off about how bad it is to be Aribus in protecting German women from foreign rape cock.

I only hope for the Lord Christ's return to seize that throne of David back as Bloody Charlie has been an enemy to the Anglo Saxons, Scots, Irish and Welsh his entire adulterous existence.

Referring to the "monstrous extremism" seen in World War II, the Prince of Wales said the fact that "nearly 70 years later we should still be seeing such evil persecution is to me beyond all belief".

One might as well dress up image Obama in another turban and have that creature lecture the family's of 9 11 in being wrong for not enjoying their loved ones being mass murdered.

I sincerely keep thinking that "I want to be Camilla's tampon" can not lower himself to greater degradation of the English People and there is Charles opining for Muslim rape cock as he sports the symbol of genocide against the House of York.

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