Friday, December 23, 2016

Sheriff Joe, time for Judge Joe to protect Ivanka Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am personally perplexed as to the reported events of somehow the son in law of President Trump in Jared Kurschner, for some reason booked his wife and children onto a cheap 3rd class Jet Blue flight to Hawaii, where without any Secret Service protection, two faggot Jews a husband and husband, stalked Ivanka Trump through the airport and then attacked her and her children on the jet in verbal threats.........while Jared Kurschner stood in the aisle and listened doing nothing.

Of course this was the militant sodomite, seeking a Gaytube post to create some type of political homophobic to rally around and embarrass the President, but the point of concern in this is Ivanka Trump and her children, as much as all of the children must be protected from assault, injury, kidnapping and worse. It is absolutely reprehensible that Jared Kurschner allowed this to take place.

For President Trump, I offer this example of his responsibility. When King David was but a soldier in King Saul's court, his best friend was Prince Jonathan. Jonathan and David began a covenant which only death could break.
This involved changing clothes with the other, armaments and slicing their hands leaving a scar  which lasted for life.
Anyone who touched David from that moment, was as if they had touched Jonathan or the King. It was a death sentence. Imagine someone questioning David and pulling back his garment and it revealed the covenant scar. The horror of that attack's revelation in  they were now under the death penalty for violating the king.

AMAZON reviewers mercilessly trolling products...

Artists demand artwork removed from home...

It is reality for President Donald Trump, that there must be a fear of absolute punishment embedded into the entire populace that no one may even approach Ivanka Trump without a one way trip to Gitmo, with the last 500 miles out in the Atlantic which the offender has to swim to Gitmo.

The Lame Cherry advocates again the appointment of a Judge Isaac Parker by the President to administer quick and complete justice, in order to save other poor miscreants who think that there will not be consequences for assaulting a mother and her children.

This must be accomplished immediately from Congress before President Trump is inaugurated, so he will appoint several law enforcement officers like Sheriff Joe Arpiao to be Special Justice for the American People. Meaning, Judge Joe would swear out warrants, Federal Marshals would haul into his court, and he would try them that day, administering sentence, without any appeal, save to President Trump, himself.

Judge Parker explained the reason for crime in the territories, and it was that a strong federal court was not dispensing immediate justice.

 "The government has committed a fearful blunder in depriving the Indian Territory of the moral force of a strong federal court, where disinterested juried remote from the scene of the crime can be secured.."

America, and that means President Trump, and that means Ivanka Trump needs protection for her family, and that will only take place with a Judge Protector of Americans, a Judge with full death sentence capability.

A Judge Protector of America, who can and will sign warrants on traitors as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, as much as sodomite militants.

As Jared Kurschner an Ashekanaz will not protect his wife and children from sodomite militant Ashkenaz, then it falls to a Judge Protector to balance America and check the crimes against Americans.

It is time for these #NeverTrumpers be brought to the People's Courts in America. This must be an issue of the courts from the 100 Days conspiracy against Donald Trump led by Bill Kristol, to the Clinton campaign of sedition involving the Electoral College.

On the eve of the vote Sunday, Podesta made his first public comments on the anti-Trump Electoral College effort. Asked by host Chuck Todd what he thought of the call for Democratic electors to defect in support of a mainstream Republican, Podesta demurred.
“I assume that our electors are going to vote for Hillary Clinton,” he said. “But the question is whether there are 37 Republican electors who think that either there are open questions or that Donald Trump, based on everything we know about him, is really unfit to be president of the United States. And if they do, then they'll throw it to the House of Representatives.”

All of this emboldens the lunatic, and these two sodomites upon witnessing the unhinged bawling Terry Moran on election night to the rants of the liberals on The View, concluded  that stalking a mother and her children would be something cheered on Facebook led by liberal terrorist, Mark Zuckerberg.

All of this has consequences and ramifications as the following terrorizing story reveals.

Man murders UPS driver thinking it was Trump, media silent

Man murders UPS driver thinking it was Trump, ... Barkley told the court he knew where Trump would be the day of the shooting and he waited in the parking lot in ...

This liberal lunatic was created by Bill Kristol to Rachel Maddow, and it is time that Justice was established in America, and examples made in mass for these terror creators and enablers.

Justice belongs in American Courts and Sheriff Joe must be appointed Judge Joe to begin this process.

It was a gruesome array of criminals that passed before Judge Parker in a horrid phantom of more than two decades. Among those who paid the death penalty were David Evans, John Whittington, Edmund Campbell, James Moore, Smoker Mankiller, Samuel Foy, Aaron Wilson, Isham Seeley, Gibson Ishtonbee, Office McGee, Osey Sanders, William Leach, John Nalley, Sinker Wilson, Samuel Peters, John Postoak, James Diggs, William Elliott, Henry Stewart, Geo. W. Padgett, William Brown, Patrick McGowan, Amos Manley, Abler Manley, Edward Folsom, Robert Massey, Wm. H. Finch, Tualisto, Martin Joseph, Thos. L. Thompson, John Davis, Jack Womankiller, James Arcine, William Parchmeal, Joseph Jackson, James Wasson, Calvin James, Kit Ross, Lincoln Sprole, James Lamb, Albert Odell, John T. Echols, Patrick McCarty, John Stephens, Silas Hampton, Seaborn Kalijah, George Moss, Jack Crow, Own D. Hill, Gus Bogle, Richard Smith, Henry W. Miller, James Mills, Malachi Allen, Wm. Walker, Jack Spaniard, George Tobler, Harris Austin, John Billy, Thos. Willes, Sam Goins, Jimmison Burris, Jefferson Jones, John Stansberry, Bood Crumpton, Shepard Busby, John Pointer, Lewis Holder and Crawford Goldsby, alias Cherokee Bill.