Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Maxie


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Apparently some New Yorkers are thinking about the lonely gorilla in Africa, as the former gubernatorial candidate and Trump supporter, Carl Paladino, stated his 2017 wish list was for Lurch  Michelle Obama to return to being a man, and go off and live in a cave in Kenya with Maxie the gorilla.

Carl Paladino stands by 'gorilla' remark

Carl Paladino stands by 'gorilla ... Carl Paladino is facing fierce ... comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla," Paladino ...

There was something about the image contracting mad cow, after relations with a sick bovine, and something about cow pasture burials with Val-erie Jarrett too, but that was not as attention getting as Muchelle in her love cave getting her wed nads flicked as her banana is a split with two scooper Maxie.

Trump Trans though which is filled with that Mike Pence holier than thou and Jared Kurschner attempting Jet Blue divorce of Ivanka, had this reaction:

“Carl’s comments are absolutely reprehensible, and they serve no place in our public discourse,” stated Jessica Ditto, who is part of the press team working Trump’s transition.

Jessica Ditto

I don't know what a Jessica Ditto is, but she had better learn in the Mike Pence cloud, that tides of battle turn, and there are millions of Americans she owes her pampered pussy job to, who actually rolled with laughter at Carl Paladino's comments, and it is the Americans who Donald Trump owes his job to, who define Jessica Ditto and Tramp Trans reprehensible.

The Americans are going to remember the traitors in this, and when the crack down comes, this blog is going to remind them who stuck them in the back.

And so will Maxie, with her gorilla snatch being denied Lurch dick, in the cruelest form of animal cruelty. We call can agree that apes deserve sex too, and as image Obama has not been tolling his wife for years, it is only fitting that Muchelle be set free...........oh hell let's sing.

Born free as free as a sex change goes
As free as the grass  grows
In our Kenya cave
Born free as free as the wind blows
As free as ape sex flows
For all we crave
We are all born free...........

Simple score........we like primates in the jungle, we like Carl Paladino looking out for primates, we like that Michelle Obama has found her calling and image Obama has finally found his rodeo stalling.

That is about enough of this in support of Carl Paladino, except for the fact that Jessica Ditto has her ass ensconced liked Mike Pence and most of that lot,  and they are not ready for the job, and have no idea how dirty this is going to get for our survival. If they think Paladino is rough, they are not ready for anything.

Oh and read Jessica Ditto's tweets..........the only damned thing she ever spouted off about was defending Lurch Obama. More of the citadel tower pansies who are taking the work the Lord did and troughing down on the power.

I think there is a nice orang for that one brow Tim Kaine too.

Oh let's be politically offensive to Ditto, in saying it like it is, in there is a nice boy butt for Vatican Kaine to sodom up as the Pater Pope as a thing for kid ass, according to speech reversals.

As a suggestion to President Trump on Donna Ditto, send her back to Kaintuck and get Pence on the short leash as this is his pet she bitch causing problems with the base AGAIN.