Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Lonely Christmas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most people will be too busy to read this blog on Christmas Eve today or on Christmas, but some will retire here to share their Christmas as buttons and bows lost their appeal, along with houses full of primates, as it never masks a lonely Christmas.

They say that is why Christmas is the worst holiday, and it should be, because it is a Holy Day instead. I am not falling for the devil's advocates who pretend they know things in Jesus was not born on December 25th, or this being part of the pagan solstice, but it is a set aside day, as that is what holy means. It is a set aside day to remember that God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, to restore all of us to God's Spiritual Family.

Christmas is a great deal about being alone in the world. There was no room at the inn for Joseph and Mary, and when one knows she was young and pregnant in all that could go wrong, and being stuck in a barn to birth a child, that is one helpless lonely feeling for a husband in his wife and child in what can go wrong, and a wife who is in anguish with only an oil lamp to make shadows in the night.

Jesus was alone, in a feed trough, wrapped already in his burial clothes as He came to die, not to live. The shepherds who appeared were alone in the hills protecting their sheep from predators and thieves, as an example of God protecting all of us, when we think we are alone.

I have had Christmases that I wanted to die. I have hated Christmas. I have not wanted any part of it. This year it sort of snuck up on me as I am busy juggling things in this blog, but there is always things of this life, a better day ahead.

I know not being able to see Jesus or Holy Angels, or the Saints who pray for you out of love, seems like an unfair thing, but that is the empowerment of Faith. We believe Jesus came, like Abraham believed Jesus would come. We know we only have several decades here, and then we go back to God by Jesus redeeming us. We know we have that when the world is running places, piling up presents and being surrounded with obnoxious people, in trying to hide from God and from their own loneliness.

As I was thinking about writing this, it pleases me that Michelle Obama is now without hope, as her messiah let the world down, and all of these whining, weeping, deranged liberals are having a Godless, Hopeless and full of satan Christmas, they tried to destroy.
Some are out being asses in buying Planned Parenthood donations in  their Trump family member's names. That could be distressing, but think of their being alone, as they cheered at our being alone and persecuted for years. Their Obama solved nothing for them in their lives are over. Our Lord Christ solved almost 2000 years ago, and when the real Christ Mass comes in Jesus Return, we are going to be joyous and all of these bad times in the world are going to be remembered never again.

That is the Faithfulness of God. People who rejected Him are now gnashing their teeth as a teaching lesson, they will never receive, but  as  a Christmas promise to you, that God keeps His Word to you. You are not alone in this world, because you are not of this world. It is why in my time of hating Christmas, that I was miserable, because my joy was with God and that was the Gift I really wanted and God knew it.
The things and people I thought would make me happy, were proven disasters. I thank God I never ended up with some of those people and God helped me cut others to the wind. For the things in this life, I think of the better things God has yet to reveal to me.

I am thinking now of three very heinous relatives I have. I pray God lead them to repentance, as it has been years they have been indulging in just buried his mother, one is dying in the old folks home and one is dying of brain cancer. Sort of looks like game set and match. They are alone in the world and facing the BIG ALONE as death is coming calling to their sins, while I like all Christians are waiting for Christ, as we have Him here and on the other side.

Christmas is always about tomorrow in our Hopes and Dreams to be made true. It is a day where we can in our alone time, enjoy ourselves with God. We can be thankful that the Holy Ghost has shown us the difference, and when Jesus called, we were moved to choose Christ and not the world.

I think about my dad in his Christmas story. He and his two siblings at the time, were excited as there was not Christmas trees, presents or any gatherings. All there was for them was a Lutheran thing, of if you made it to Christmas Eve service, you got an apple or orange and maybe a bag of peanuts. That was their world though, and on that one Christmas it below 20 degrees below zero all day.
Of course they were not going out in that weather, but even my Grandpa was not going to remove all hope, and told them, "If it gets to 20 below we will go to Christmas Eve service".

Dad said they were running back of the house looking at the thermometer non stop. As he said, we were probably breathing on it so much that it actually heated it up. Whatever the Freudian slip in children blowing on thermometers or a miracle from God, it did actually warm up to 20 below and they went to Church.

My dad shook his head and said about it only being an apple, an orange and some peanuts, but it was the excitement of Christmas.

Having experienced Lutheran Christmas bags of an apple, a bag of peanuts in a paper bag that smoked because the peanuts were so old, that the apple looked like it was covered in a dust storm, and that hard candy which looked like something made when Ronald Reagan was a boy, it was still a delight to get that brown bag and find the apple was pretty good for Delicious and that candy kind of grew on you, as you fished around in that plume of peanut dust.

We never know what is around the corner. Puntz is sleeping in my pants now as I type this. A few months ago she was the weak kitten, and after I mentioned her in the last post, her last strong sibling died. Yes the evil people are always sending hate filled thoughts which they will pay for in the balance of things, but as I look at my clawed and fanged arms, as Puntz loves rough, I think of the puppy I was looking for and instead has this cat which acts like a dog 90% of the time.
Compassion was what brought her to life, as she was all alone in the world once too. She was born under a lawn mower, cried non stop, and finally on her last day on earth when I thought she did die, I scooped her up, put her into direct heat, and for 3 weeks she never stopped getting a rupture almost on her navel. Fair is not what this is about or deserving. She just happened like all of us to be given a chance in this world for another day to make the best of it.

We have that chance in the present God gave in Love in raising up Donald Trump and securing this election for us. It is a wonderful time in which we reside with such light in such darkness. We do have it pretty good in staying off a genocide and this time it is Christians, who are not fond of Christmas now, are the ones President Trump is protecting on our day in the Lord.

While there is breath in you, you still got a chance to receive the good here. We just have to stick around and be thankful to God for the chance and hope for a better day.

That image Obama is on the run again on this Christmas. Christ over took that darkness and made a star for our Bethlehem to follow for another day. I am not saying that things do not make us sad, make us miserable and make us want for better, but one day we are not going to be remembering any of this, but Obama and that ilk are going to be seared tearing at themselves in never forgetting what they are.

You are on the right side. Sometimes that is why you are miserable at times, because you made the right choice to be on Jesus side, but you are never alone, because Christ, the Holy Angels, the Saints and some kicked to the curb popular girls are right here along with you, caring enough to share this day with you.

Merry Christmas, as better days are coming.