Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mr President order Jeff Sessions to Investigate America's Enemies

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It would seem that a criminal re visitation of history involving Lindsey Graham's manufacture of that cell phone destruction of his before it could have taken place, in collusion with Donald Trump, might be a starting point in dealing with the anti American insurrection being carried out against America by John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Graham is busy trying to promote the American Genocide in keeping all the Obama terrorists in America, hiding behind these anchor babies again.

According to Politico, Graham stated that something needs to be done to help those who embraced DACA.
“The worst outcome is to repeal the legal status that these kids have,” Graham said Wednesday. “Whether you agree with them having it or not, they’ve come out of the shadows.”
The South Carolina Senator has said that he has at least one Republican in the Senate who supports his legislation, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ). (Flake was also a vocal critic of Trump’s during the campaign.) Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has also stated that he’ll work with Graham to protect Dreamers.

The problem is Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is in direct violation of United States Federal Courts, as they ruled earlier this year, that these invaders could not demand anchor babies to keep them inside the United States to gain American Rights.

Federal Judge Ruling Allows Texas To Deny Anchor Babies Birth ...

Federal Judge Ruling Allows Texas To Deny Anchor Babies Birth Certificates. ... not the illegal aliens and not the anchor babies, ... supreme court, Texas .

Graham is part of this two prong insurrection against the United States, as John McCain has been trying to overthrow the Government in thinking he is President.
This is not recent as John McCain has been flying around Europe and Asia, causing immense friction with Russia in Syria and the Ukraine, that was about to start World War IV, with the willing Hamrod Clinton.

John McCain: 'I don't give a damn' what Trump says, US will ...

... 'I don't give a damn' what Trump says, US will not ... John McCain, pictured on February ... under a Pres. Donald Trump. Politico said McCain was speaking ...

It is critical for the success of what Americans voted for in President Donald Trump, that this Gang of 8, now the Insurrection Duo, face a full Justice Department Investigation, beginning with what John McCain and Lindsey Graham's involvement was in Benghazi in the fact that the Obama regime, which McCain and Graham were cheering knew of arms sales to terrorists in Libya, which resulted in the murder of 4 American in Benghazi.

PJ Media
In the eyes of tens of millions of Egyptians, Senators John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s recent words and deeds in Egypt—which have the “blessing” of President Obama—have unequivocally proven that U.S. leadership is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.
Egyptian media is awash with stories of the growing anger regarding this policy.

A top advisor to Egypt’s Interim President Adly Mansour formally accused McCain of distorting facts to the benefit of the Brotherhood, dismissing the senator’s remarks as “irrational”—or, more colloquially, “moronic.”  Ahmed al-Zind, head of the Egyptian Judge Club, called for the arrest and trial of McCain for “trying to destroy Egypt.”  The leader of the youth movement, Tamarod (or “Rebellion” against the Brotherhood) which played a major role in mobilizing the June 30 Revolution, said “We reject John McCain and call on the international community to let the [Egyptian] people decide their own fate.”   Another incensed secular political commentator, Ahmed Musa, asserted that “These two men have made more shameless demands than the Brotherhood themselves would dare,”

This spirals out to McCain and Graham's involvement with terrorists in  Muslims lands and in the Ukraine, which has almost started a nuclear war with Russia.

These are crimes. No Senators are President, and allowed to work deals with terrorists around the globe, as Senator Obama was conducting in South American coke trade and Mideast terror trade in 2008. These are real crimes and require a real FBI investigation with full access to what the CIA knew of the McCain and Graham involvement, as over 400,000 Syrians are dead from this Obama Clinton McCain terror policy, with Christians obliterated across the Mideast.

For the good of America, John McCain and Lindsey Graham must be investigated, the evidence brought before a Grand Jury, and in their indictments, immediately removed from the United States Senate and replaced with real law abiding Republicans.

Put them into prison and your genocide is ended as the last of the Clinton Neocons is removed to federal prison.

Remember this damning photo of Presidential usurpers, McCain and Graham. Rubio will squeal if provided incentive to save himself.

It is time to extradite John McCain and Lindsey Graham to Egypt for their criminal trials, and if they survive there, extradite them to Syria for crimes against humanity.