Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bullies still are responsible for Donations

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few days ago one of the Republican insiders, or to be more exact, a weak female who joins GOP groups, in order to validate herself, with other weak females who can not stand on their own, but who is wealthy enough to come on this blog and steal content in not donating, and then go online smearing me as unethical.......

Yes a  female robbing from the poor and then bearing false witness against me, is posting I am unethical.

What were the unethical things about? Why the theft of the Neocons of your Christian victory God gave Donald Trump in these Kurschner democrats and Pence GOPliters in hijacking all the nominations, as of course you are supposed to just shut up and go away.

If one desires to examine this female in forensic psychology, as she thought she could go on TL's page and bully me as the facts posted here were making this weak female uneasy as ...............

Put it this way, this female had a retardo child, which she poses with. So she uses the kid as a weapon to hide behind and promote how much of a martyr she is. She has bad genetics, bad choices in genetic sperm donors, dislikes men in felling dis empowered, so joins two GOP nag posses to make her feel not so vulnerable, and joins to Mike Pence's Big Koch, as she hopes he will politically father and care for retardo child, like Bill Clinton chics did in the 1990's,

As she came up to me and assaulted me, smeared me and thought she could bully me, with her problems of being an old woman, posting young harlot photos, then her psychology is going to be posted and all of her girls who liked what her attempt at bullying will know how pathetic she is, and of course how pathetic they are, because they are all the same psychological type.

Mike Pence is guilty of illegal acts, as found by Republican Appellate Courts. He is unethical from his crimes, to his backstabbing of Donald Trump, and this Spiro Agnew of the 21st century is a weak link that will be exploited to hurt the Trump agenda.....and as his crimes were not an issue, it means like Jeb Bush promoted by the New York Times, that Mike Pence is an insider ringer meant to put liberals and neocons all through the Trump Administration, in order to bring about the removal of Mr. Trump by impeachment, and with that we will all be betrayed by a Barack Obama 3rd term.

I am not the unethical one in Kurschner and liberal donating Trump children to their favorites like Harold Ford and posing with all those Michael Moore types grinning. I am the Prophetess who laid out the time line by God's Grace, all alone in the brier patch, to defeat the two most powerful political crime families in America in the Bush's and Clinton's, against all odds, in order to elect Donald Trump as President.

None of this which is Trump would have happened without God's Grace utilizing me to change the time line, so worthless trolls like this bully would have a chance at not facing American Genocide.

As Jesus stated, He knew what people were, and I know what people are, for with millions of hits now tallied on this blog, few are faithful and have ever donated, while the rest take my work and overlook who had the major role in this time line, and then they try and bully me, because I refuse to enable liars and traitors.

After the mistreatment of Mike Pence and Jared Kurschner to Christians in kicking them to the curb, and none of them appointed to Cabinet positions, it is purposed what is left is to so politically cripple this traitor Mike Pence, that he will not be able to replace President Trump, and so expose the furrier in dragging America into another Jewish  war to clean up the Obama wars, that none of this is going to take place, because the public will become so engaged, that no one is going to be able to accomplish this subterfuge.

I am for peace through strength as I stated at the beginning of this project to save millions of Christians east and west, and that peace is an alliance with Russia and America, which will bleed off the strength of the anti Christ forces, so America and Russia do not fight a war, nor does Northern Europe in the Anglo Saxons.
I can not stop events like Armageddon, but I will work to make certain the Christian Nations are not dragged into more slaughter.
One messiah Obama is enough, and I will not accept an anti Christ.

That is the Lame Cherry policy, and when I face Christ I will answer for that noble cause, while those who did not stand with me, or went out of their satanic assisted way to attack me, smear me and hinder this work that God accomplishes here, will answer to Christ in Judgment for their choice of darkness.

Mike Pence is a danger to America, because Mike Pence is owned by those conglomerate forces who are working against Americans, as they are allied to the cartel. Jared Kurschner is a bad influence, because his mafia all hate Donald Trump, and Kurschner thinks he can keep evil around in his friends, and allow it to infiltrate the Trump Administration.
To put it plainly, if Donald Trump is a computer, and Mike Pence is cutting power supply to that computer by 3/4's and Jared Kurshner is introducing viruses, how long before the Trump computer freezes up and goes blue screen, just like your computers do.

You either have a strong Donald Trump with a strong Vladimir Putin, or you have a weak Donald Trump and a strong Putin who will look to France or German nationalists to write the future, as the world joins together against America, and America is this Reince Priebus Muslim and Mexican invaded nation, displacing the native peoples, and a Kellyanne Conway non prosecution of criminals, as Americans begin walking away from Donald Trump as Big Koch intends.

This blog is warning President Donald Trump, that he has problems in his base is uneasy and angry, and if makes two more mistakes in installing more Romneycrats, that his base is going to walk away, and will never come back, no matter how many Carrier jobs he saves.

I will repeat again to President Donald won Carrier, but Vladimir Putin won the Philippines. Mr. Trump, you got checked globally, because your Pence and Kurshner staff are too busy destroying Christians and preening. You  should have been on the phone to the President of the Philippines for that weapons order of 10,000 guns,  besides with Carrier. You can do both, because 10,000 guns are many American jobs too.

The Lame Cherry is an implement of God, not people. I serve One Master. For those who think the Prophetess will give them carte blanche, because she did so in stopping all of the backfires to  save Donald Trump for 18 months, they are mistaken, as God does not give His Glory to another, and I do not allow the work God accomplishes through me to be whored out and bastardized.

This Trump Trans will discover that they will be exposed as pariahs, and the American electorate is already furious. I was soothing it before the Christians were abused, but now it is a matter of simply stating the fact that MIKE PENCE IN OCTOBER DUE TO HIS ILLEGAL ACTIONS ALMOST COST DONALD TRUMP THIS ELECTION.

There is no running away from that, and while the major players have gotten their 30 pieces in the fringe media, the chorus from the masses will begin to generate and inside the fringe, stories will be written of all of this, and then it becomes the same echo which took out Hilllary Clinton.

For Mike Pence and his GOPliters schemes, you can thank the retardo bully for igniting this to a new level. She is one of your minions, so thank your bullies.

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