Monday, December 5, 2016

Mr. President's Selective Interest Retro Active Interest Rates

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Some advice for President Donald Trump.

The Obama regime engaged in a rapine of the American People in zero interest loans or free money to Obama Clinton cronies such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Washington Post.

There has been a huge kiting scheme to inflate the US Stock Market in Obama conglomerates getting free money to buy their stocks, inflate them, gain more money and build and buy in a neo Ponzi Scheme Obama style.

What the advice is, is that all of these leftist have been robbing America and they owe America. So instead of allowing the Fed to pump up interest rates on normal Americans, you direct Munchkin your Treasure Secretary to direct banks that a retroactive interest is going to be rated, where conglomerates will owe 5% on all the money they have been misusing.
The net result is their stock prices will drop in a correct correction, some like Apple will have to use their own money gathering interest offshore to be repatriated your way, in going into their own stocks and inventory, and paying American investors back for those stock purchases.

The end result is Bezos loses all his leverage to be a pest and and stop being an attack dog for the traitors against America.

The Government rewards those conglomerates who repatriate and penalizes those assets who were part of the American Genocide.

In addition, there are certain technologies which have been passed along to certain conglomerates. If Apple becomes Trump friendly, it would be a next technology platform to drive the American Economy ahead, with high paying American only green card imports destroying America. Simply produce the correct security clearances, acquire three items, and advance this in the direction which you will to progress this.

One has to clean up the board Mr. President, secure power, and then advance to your productive end for make America Great Again.

Who knows who might end up owning things as all of this settles out.

Advice over.

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