Monday, December 5, 2016

The Cure for Trump Rage

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Too many of you are taking these Days of Rage by Soros Clinton as something to upset your American Dream, in riots across America or the burning down of Washington DC on Inaugrauation Day.

You are missing the possibilities, in Rahm Emanuel, in Saul Alinsky, Birther Hussein in never letting a good crisis go to waste.

You are missing that we will control the refrain, and this will not be about Donald Trump, but be about the legacy of Birther Hussein in the first non peaceful transition of power, because image Obama let it happen.

You are missing that law enforcement has been looking to crack down in their frustration in being beat up by the Obama regime for 8 years, so who better for them to whet their teeth on than these rioting terrorists.

DC going up in bonfires, and insecurity everywhere, will make America groan, and reject this leftist Clinton nuttery.

If President Trump shows more insight, he will have papers drawn up, that all of these terrorists since Chicago, will be apprehended, put into court for 1 day trials, and when found guilty, sentenced to 5 years to the Peace Corps, to be reloacted to Sudan and Syria, in safety zones where they will serve these Muslim invaders.
These zones are under Military Law, so any breaking of rules, will double the sentence to 10 years, without parole.

So in the Lame Cherry Concentrate again, you are discovering the delight that law enforcement will have in being unleashed, Obama's legacy will be ruined further, and America will rid itself of all of these terrorists for Clinton. All of these things are a positives.

I only hope that these terrorists do not read  this blog, and then slink off and behave themselves, as the best thing for America will be for Soros to have his way in degrading Donald Trump, because the more the old lion gets his beard pulled, the more he will stop being nice, and become the leader America needs.

I have other things to do as this is Lame Cherry Concentrate.