Sunday, December 4, 2016

Obama now advocates for Terrorists

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From oil terror, water terror, to now Indian terrorists, the Obama regime has now instructed the Army Corp of Engineers to defy a Judge and stop the Dakota Pipeline, which was to bring gasoline and propane to the frigid American Midwest, in what is a criminal interference of the Obama regime again.

This will not stop the pipeline. It will delay it, cause more terrorism by these Soros funded thugs, and produce the result of more racial divide in Obamerica.

Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota was livid over this, as North Dakotans are suffering from these terrorists endangering them, and expressing how grateful he will be when this criminal Obama is finally thrown out of office.

It is time to end the reservation system in America, and Indians can either join Americans or have their communist voting rights removed, and they can be deported to the mountains of Japan where the remnant of  their invading peoples now reside.

End the terrorism. End the BIA. End the reservation system and end these community organized sovereign dictators terrorizing America for George Soros.

This is no longer about a pipeline, but the rule of law, and the right of Americans in North Dakota to pump oil to Americans in Illinois, so we are not in OPEC chains any more in Mideast terror oil.

The Rule of Law has been shattered again, by another Obama dictator at the Army Corp of Engineers agency, who has just overridden a Judge's order.

..........and for those who have forgotten,  this is the same Corp which in cum dripping excitement flooded the Republican Dakotas in massive flooding to "wild the river", in terrorizing Americans in the exact same way Republican States in the gulf were deluged with the Obama BP sabotaged gusher oil well they blew up.

Obama and more of his Birther cronies hating the American Race

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