Sunday, December 18, 2016

Obama's Farewell Eco Terrorism to America

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As the Obama regime allows terrorists to cut off energy supply to Americans in an Arctic Cold winter at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation claiming "care" for the environment, the history of the crimes against nature in the Obama regime and their cronies is notorious.

BLM illegally sold thousands of wild horses for slaughter ...

White House says Obama will ... from the Interior Department's Office ... protected wild horses to a known kill buyer who sold them ...
The same BLM which has been performing genocide on American ranchers like the Bundy's in seizing property, land and so stressing some out that it killed them.

For those still in the dark and are siding with the Standing Rock terrorists in claiming caring about environmental protection, as Obama with Harry Reid has been slaughtering wild horses in Nevada, the way they were slaughtering LaVoy Finicum over Clinton Foundation donors in Oregon using the police state to protect international criminals, let your thoughts be reminded of what this Obama regime has been about for 8 years in crimes against nature.

2011 Missouri River Flood - Wikipedia

The 2011 Missouri River floods was a flooding event on the Missouri River in the United States.

Yes one of the first events, was Obama sending the same Army Corp of Engineers against Republican States in the Dakotas to Missouri south, in using the Missouri River as a weapon to flood out Americans and steal their property.

Then there was a year before in 2010, where the regime allowed British Petroleum to sabotage a deep oil well, to drive up oil prices for Obama cronies, and to again terrorize Republican Gulf States in covering them with oil sludge.

BP reckless conduct caused 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill ...

Newsmakers BP cries foul in massive oil spill settlement. Is BP backpedaling on a settlement with oil spill victims, or are some Gulf Coast businesses ...

It does not stop there as something more current from last year might refresh your memory banks, as the EPA deliberately flooded the Animas River in a mining operation, polluting most of the American southwest.

EPA Pollutes River, Fails To Notify New Mexico | Stock News ...

EPA Pollutes River, Fails To Notify New Mexico . JOHN MERLINE; ... Imagine if a business dumped a million gallons of mine waste into Animas River in Colorado, ...

The last "known" gem in this is the Obama regime's pollution is image Obama's farewell to America, as it's EPA has overseen an environmental disaster which has as of December poisoned 100,000 Snow and Blue geese in Butte, Montana.

The epitaph in this, is the culprits again are British Petroleum or BP as these environmental rapists for Obama prefer to be known.

What has been taken place in Montana is mining at Butte, and what is essentially a bottomless lake almost a third of a mile deep.

The pit is one mile long by half a mile wide, and over 1780 feet deep, 1000 of which are filled with acidic water with high concentrations of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, including copper, iron, arsenic, cadmium, zinc, and sulfuric acid. The iron-rich water near the surface is reddish, yielding to a vibrant lime-green hue not far below the surface, where copper concentrations are higher. If you were to drink large amounts of this lovely concoction it would kill you by corroding through your digestive system.

For reasons of nation rape as only the Clinton's could be associated with, in 1995, the Bill and Hillary Clinton's EPA allowed ARCO to shut down this mine, and shut down the pumps in it, so this Berkeley Lake became an acidic cesspool, filled with toxic metals which would eat any animal or person's intestines out if they drank it.

On April 23, 1982, the Atlantic Richfield Corporation (ARCO, today owned by British Petroleum), the owners of the former Anaconda Company holdings, announced that they were suspending their Butte operations. Along with the announcement, the underground pumps in the Kelley Mine were shut down. The result: the underground mines and the Berkeley Pit began to fill with acidic water.

The worst of this is these environmental rapists have been patting themselves on the back on how great they are managing this massive toxic lake. Their solution is not to make British Petroleum clean this toxic waste up as YOU would be legally be bound to do and throw the EPA terrorists into prison, but to put propane cannons around this lake to scare wildlife away........which this Obama year resulted in 100,000 dead geese. But what difference does it make in one LaVoy Finicum one year and 100,000 geese the next year, as Obama breeds murderous predators like mountain lions, wolves and coyotes slaughtering ten times that many livestock and wildlife every year.

Since 1982, ARCO, Montana Resources, the EPA, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality and the local community have risen to the unique challenges of managing the Pit.

But let us instead have sympathy for those pet Indian terrorists, because George Soros is funding another terror event stealing oil from Americans again, because the eco disaster in Montana that the Clintons and the Obamas directed, is of no interest to the Molotov Mob like Erin Schrode.

The Trump Administration must investigate this eco terrorism, and the Department of the Interior hand over the culprits for prosecution to the Justice Department, and those Obama cronies behind all of this, be made to clean this toxic waste up.

Or are we going to be fools and stand around petting the Indian terrorists some more.

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