Saturday, December 17, 2016


Hilltard, Femtard and Weetard

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nom de Deus, the Lame Cherry now advocates for the Trump Thumpers to round up the fractured females prowling around the woods stalking for Hillary Clinton, in the hopes they can weep together, and hand them over as bait for the Muslim cock which Mr. Trump is deporting,  as the lesbians they are reproducing with have so atrophied their feminism, that a pilgrimage to Hillary Clinton's nasty olde snatch is not going to improve the situation.

Seriously, do we want an America where the haj is to pose with the crusty Clinton vulva? These females are so emotionally shattered, they will never recover. It will simply be more humane to use them as bait in capturing Muslim Rape cock, to at least give them purpose in life.

These quotes simply boggle the mind, as what is a Sacajawea of a Plant House.

A couple weeks later, Ellen, who calls herself “the Sacagawea of the Arboretum,” let Phoebe off her leash. The dog was bounding ahead full speed when she started barking, and then Hillary and Bill Clinton appeared again, this time with their daughter, Chelsea, Chelsea’s husband and their children. It was the day after Thanksgiving and soon, other hikers were popping out of the woods.

The worst of this is the writers and editors do not even know how to spell Sacajawea.

No perhaps the worst part is this, that we have learned that the Secret Service was rescued by lesbians.

The women carried on deeper into the woods, bending back twigs, heading up a slope they called “Secret Service Hill” after a time years ago when the path was frozen and they had helped the Clintons’ agents, who were wearing loafers, navigate the incline. The Clintons were well shod.

That is news to me in the Secret Service is put out of commission by a dusting of snow. 

So now we know according the Hilltards, that the Clinton's live in the woods. It must be why Hillary was so sick and tired, and had to stop campaigning, as she was out in the woods doing whatever bears do in the woods I suppose.

OK to be serious for a moment in this fiction, as this is FICTION, and these are Clinton operative stories attempting to produce a Clinton propaganda legacy of the Clinton love birds out in the woods, meeting more people in the woods than there are trees, and in nature the Secret Service is in need of rescue by emotional cripples.

See this is why Hillary Clinton could not muster enough votes to steal this election. This is just more Robby Mook fag spin, as we are now to believe that Hillary's twat is the new pilgrimage for all women, to just bring their daughters too, and they too will be healed of being a woman.