Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pardon Anthony Wiener

The board is also ordering Weiner (pictured above in 2013)to return $195,377 in matching campaign funds

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Would you punish a man trying to keep up with manly Hillary Clinton, while Hillary was doing his wife, and cucking him in public?

That is the case of poor Anthony Wiener who is really poor now, as everyone is carving off pounds of flesh from the former Senator Charles Schumer's aide. It is in this spirit of Christmas for Jewish Mr. Wiener and his Islamic wife, Huma Abedin, that the Lame Cherry calls upon democrats image Obama and Governor Cuomo of New York to pardon Anthony Wiener, with a stack of pardons about as high as a big Bible.

Anthony Wiener was hoping to get caught, and that is why he was acting out. There is nothing which will be served in impoverishing Mr. Wiener or imprisoning him, as America does not need another baby daddy in taking care of him and his kid.

Anthony Wiener like Bill Clinton were psychologically raped by their shemale wives. It is humiliating for Hillary Clinton to pick up as the anchor husband, so Huma can have scent of Hamrod vulva, every time she comes home on her lips. Bill beat up and raped women in fury over being cucked, and Tony went into a more self destructive mode in wanting to be punished.

I say that Obama and Cuomo pardon Anthony Wiener, and he can then have a job in the closing days of the Obama regime as a liason with the Clinton Foundation. That way Anthony could pick up some easy ass in women like Jennifer Palmieri who is still bawling over Hamrod letting her down, and he can cop a feel off of Bill Clinton's energizer........those big tits will keep him out of trouble with underage girls, and we can put this all behind us.
It would be good for a Judge though to sentence Huma to Sharia Law and her having to Hoover Anthony a few times a day, instead of Hillary Clinton, and then Mr. Wiener would be too drained to get into internet trouble.

I really think that Anthony Wiener needs some time out west, on a real American ranch, where he could punch some cows, ride some horses, drink some whiskey with men, and get away from the pollution of liberalism, as that is what has destroyed Mr. Wiener. Some men like Chuck Schumer are strong enough to withstand the lies and the immorality, but some men like Anthony Wiener were no match for a man like Hillary Clinton, as few men ever would be.

Hillary Clinton destroyed Anthony Wiener. That is the fact in this, and for that Cuomo and image Obama owe pardons to Mr. Wiener, who was taken advantage of by Hillary Clinton.

Pardon Wiener. It is the only humane thing to do.........maybe Mr. Wiener could give Muslim Keith Ellison a run for the DNC Chairmanship. Be sporting in a Muslim and Jew vying for that prize........or make them co chairs in party unity eh?

 Yes a Kosher Wiener on Dark Bread, that would put the mustard back into the ole Democratic Party.

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