Saturday, December 3, 2016

President Donald Trump, the messiah of American Job Salvation

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For those who think that the Lame Cherry referring to Donald Trump as a messiah in being blasphemous, there is nothing of the sort in this, as there were many messiahs, false and real,  and Jesus just happened to be thee Messiah to save the world.

A messiah is someone who is Annointed and is on a mission. There is no doubt that God chose and rose up Donald Trump to be President, and the mission of Donald Trump is to save America for Christ's Return.

So the Lame Cherry celebrates the bright and shining light, in the City on the Hill, of Donald Trump, bringing hope to the People of America, that they no longer will be trodden under. What is more wonderful in this Christmas Season in Donald Trump ridding America of the grinch and scrooges, who are firing Americans and shipping jobs off to Mexico.

Donald Trump took aim Friday at a second U.S. manufacturer that plans to move jobs from Indiana to Mexico, a day after he threatened consequences for business that shifted American jobs abroad.
“Rexnord of Indiana is moving to Mexico and rather viciously firing all of its 300 workers,” Mr. Trump wrote at 10:06 p.m. on Twitter. “This is happening all over our country. No more!”
Rexnord, which is based in Milwaukee, intends to move production of industrial bearings from Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico, according to the employee union. The move, expected by the middle of next year, would eliminate about 300 jobs.
The company, which didn’t respond to requests for comment on Thursday, couldn’t immediately be reached late Friday. Shares of Rexnord have tumbled more than 10% from Wednesday’s close.

The Lame Cherry is going to explain  something in this which all of you have forgotten or have never been told.

The jobs in America began being exported by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Unions and company owners told the Clintons that their NAFTA was going to destroy them, without tax relief. The Clintons chose the globalists like the Obamas and this huge sucking sound of jobs departing America as Ross Perot stated has been taking place ever since, because American business can not compete with entitlements, retirements and regulations. Obama just signed in 1 trillion more in regulations against American business and that is the crux of all of this.

In the above Rexnord, I can give some insight into this, as some of my inlaw fringe family, used to work at a bearing factory in Minneapolis Minnesota in the Clinton era, but was fired as the plant moved to Brazil.
It seemed insane, but the company stated that the Brazilians in quality control had over a dozen ruined bearings, where Americans produced 12, but this company with this atrocious lack of quality, was still making more money in Brazil than America.

That is what is not being understood in this. These foreign parts whether from American plants in Latin America or from China, are substandard, and that is why all your parts and appliances no longer last 30 years, but are in pieces in a few years.
When TL was in the metro, one day I was doing dishes and the hot water came off in my hand and we had a geyser. I finally got maintenance to fix things, and the head guy said to me, "Look at that!!!" He handed me a coupling which was thin as paper, which was metal, and it simply stress fractured. It was made in China.

An American part would have lasted 100 years, been torn out, and reused in another fix, but these foreign parts simply are so substandard that it is endangering all of us.

President Trump is correct in EPA, OSHA and all these regulations have to cease in ruining American jobs. No one is talking about endangering our environment or public, but when you have Mexico with no standards and this junk is being placed into your equipment and you are paying for it.......and it is wearing out earlier than an American part, all of us are being screwed over this.

American companies can compete and profit with Americans, earning good wages and having good benefits. Obamacare must be ended though in being mandatory. All these regulations must be removed and Unions have a place in this, but a reasonable place and not a place where workers are getting benefits for their poodles to the vet. That is why vet prices have spiked, is because the lobbyists jacked things up in including animal insurance.

So it is time to have a President who calls out these companies. Whose calling them out, causes their stock prices to free fall, so boards start thinking about Americans and not globalists, as Americans get to bleed in wars protecting Rexnord in Mexico with their millions in profits. That is unAmerican, and thank God that Donald Trump is fulfilling the role of messiah of American Job Salvation.

God bless you President Trump, I only would that you were as hard on the traitors like Mike Pence as you were on these other robber barons.

Donald Trump keeps busy in gaining active support of the American mob, with their 40 million loaded guns, and Rat Ryan will roll over and beg, and Mike Pence with Big Koch will not dare join with Clinton media in removing Donald Trump.

It all fits together. We praise President Trump for his great works, and we do not enable on iota of treachery against him in Mike Pence or Jared Kurschner.

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