Monday, December 26, 2016

Poldark jr

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This saving the world business just is boring to me, and I need some recreation, so this is my recreation in writing about the nothingness of Poldark jr.

For those who do not know Poldark, Poldark was basically the English program stuck on WGBH Boston which created Masterpiece theater. It was a really good series, of very good actors. So as apparently the homosexual series of Downton Abby has wrapped up, it was deemed advisable to spawn Poldark jr.

From what I can tell, there is a fag Poldark jr. who has longer locks than the lasses, spends a great deal of time with his shirt off, being in debt, while everyone is trying to bed his big nosed, big mouthed Irish wife, as Poldark jr. is out trying to get into prison......don't know if that is to have gay sex or not.

In trying to think what exactly happens in the Poldark shows, I seem to recall the focal points of most shows for action was a woman rowing a boat, someone in a cellar and a doctor pulling a fish bone out of a blonde's throat.

As the writers apparently get tired from writing such action, there is this endless sweeping scene I think they rented a helicopter and a high lift chair, and wanted to get their money out of that.
No shit Charlie Chan man, in you are watching the grass grow for dramatic effect, and suddenly you are swept along on the same stretch of scenery with horses being ridden, or you got some person looking over a cliff, and nothing happens......well the audience is the action part in hoping the people jump off the cliff.

That is about it for Poldark though and this has been going on for like two months now. At least it is not manly Mary from Downton screwing any cock that did not rescue itself, but all the same, this Poldark jr. makes me regret watching the first one, in all the time I have wasted.

The worst of it is, Poldark has some African show which is stupid in front of it, that I thankfully have not seen, and then an Indian show afterwards which is like Jewel in the Crown, meaning it is English cuck males all having their wives fucked by the Indian pervs. After Obama for 8 years or 6 years and the image filling in, this stuff does not interest me any more than the Kardashian whores.

I used to spend a great deal of time watching B grade movies as a child. At least with them at 90 minutes they were over. You could count on someone getting beat up at 15 minutes and at 75 minutes, with sex at 45 minutes, but with Poldark, it is troubling to not be able to set your clock by it, as one is swept off on these vista shots as fillers and it sort of makes your mind wander to things like "too bad the Germans did not conquer a second time" or "maybe Putin will get it done in the 21st century" as it just is beyond me, how bad PBS has become. I mean there are like authors who wrote things beyond Dickens, like Robert Lewis Stevenson, that you would not have to employ homosexual screen writers who can not come up with a story line.

There just has to be something more than wog sex or sweaty Poldarks. I have a number of ideas for sweeping cinema which would be a rippin' good yarn, what not eh. A people who conquerred three continents, and the best they can do is perspire does not say a whole lot.

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