Monday, December 26, 2016

Trump White Paper: LAG

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The reality of the Obama Super Depression, the Carter Depression, the Franklin Roosevelt Depression is that they do not end, if in the case of Roosevelt and Obama, the White House is deepening them to force welfare policies onto Americans, by psychologically raping them of their economics.

I remember a very long time ago during the Nixon Price Controls, as an ineffective way to stop inflation, that the economist Milton Friedman phoned Sec. Donald Rumsfeld and scolded him loudly about the "fixes" that Mr. Rumsfeld was implementing to try and stimulate the economy.
Mr. Friedman stated, "You can not put in these fixes or people will think that socialism actually works".

In the situation that President Trump and America faces in the precarious position that Birther Obama plunged America into........(If you can handle the Truth, America would not be in this horrid position if Sarah Palin had been elected Vice President, and if Hillary Clinton had actually not had the election stolen from her by Obama in 2008, Bill Clinton would have at least gotten the country moving again in fake economics and higher taxes.) would be advisable to revisit the things that Secretary Rumsfeld was implementing in the 1970's and for President Trump to glean from Mr. Rumsfeld's lengthy experience in economic management.

With that stated, the Lame Cherry has another suggestion for President Trump, Secretary of the Treasury Munchkin and Senator Rand Paul, to engage in a governed way,  the reality that Sean Homo  Hannity has been speaking of in the reality it required 18 to 24 months for the US economy to beging growing under President Reagan.

Already Senator Paul and Senator Boxer are seeking to lower the corporate return tax lower for the trillions corporations have overseas in the 6% bracket if that money is used for infrastructure projects for America.

The Lame Cherry though in this LAG seeks to go beyond this, in not just for conglomerates to benefit, but what about the small investor who deserves a like benefit?

This is what the Lame Cherry suggests to President Trump. Place three brackets as he states for income tax, but on Capital Gains. If an investor has less than 250,000 dollars in capital gains profits from the stock market or anything they sell, simply make it zero percent.
For a quarter of a million to 5 million, put the rate at 5%. For anything over this, place it at 10% fixed forever.

Here is what will be done though economically, in when those stocks or properties are cashed in, that money if investors choose, will be rolled into ENERGY BONDS. Think of it as Lincoln Green Backs, but on a municipal bond scale.

When the tycoon Ross Perot, sold his business for a billion dollars long ago, he invested all of his money into NO TAXABLE MUNICIPAL BONDS. In other words Mr. Perot, invested in local America, so they could use that money for a small interest rate to provide for the public good, and the bonds were paid off by city taxes collected.

What the Lame Cherry is directing here, is a method of stimulating the economy, without any funds from the Government, so it does not ever add to the debt. Instead, people seeing a great deal of moving their investments into bonds which they will never have to pay income taxes on, will instead invest in the very infrastructure which America needs.

America needs at least 50 major coal electrical plants to be built. Obama promised in 2008 in a counter to John McCain building electrical plants, to build power plants in America. Instead Obama shut down electric plants and has tripled our energy bills.

The Lame Cherry is all for Bill Gates clean nuclear energy, and this as a proven power generator from the 1950's, but was shut down by Richard Nixon as America needed dirty nuclear generation for nuclear bombs, is what these ENERGY BONDS are all about.

President Trump should immediately begin buying from coal companies a "strategic reserve" for coal, as a way to get people working in states like West Virginia which is coal based in their economy. Simply purchasing raw energy for power plants which are being built all across America is a connection to a stimulus plan which will provide hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs TO AMERICANS, not Green Card nor Illegals, which will circulate through all of the states.

ConEd receives investment in energy bonds to build several electrical plants, which then come on line, and in cheap electricity, Americans profit ConEd, who then pay interest on the Energy Bond investment and buy back their bond debt, so American investors profit from their original investment.

This is the correct way to stimulate the economy. It will move power companies to begin building immediately to provide shovel ready jobs and begin moving money into the American economy instead of it running on speculative Stock Markets which can burst.

This will have to be governed, so that the Stock Market does not inadvertantly plunge due to too much money coming out of Wall Street. There is a way though to roll the money in the same Stock and Bond market, so that there will not be a panic, but a joyful profiteering again.

We do not have the luxury after 8 years of Obama economic implosion, to wait another 2 years to move this economy. Donald Trump can not have a Congressional set back in Democrats picking up seats in the midterms in 2018. There are real measures to direct conglomerates and to profit small investors, so they are not stung by capital gains at all. The voters will be patient if given the same breaks the trillion dollar corporations are, and if they honestly see Trump Walls being built, which include a new generation of power plants to use only American clean coal.

All of this works, as Secretary Rumsfeld was scolded by Milton Friedman in the 1970's. The difference is we are not trying to prop up the community organized green Obama fraud, but are building the American Dream again.

The LAG does not need to be as stressful or long. Plans can be made for necessary power generation, which is protected from EMP, for national security. The Stock Market does not need to be plunged as real production will be created to fill in the fraud Obama inflated stock prices, by the economy growing as it should.

All of this stimulation can be managed from the US Treasury. Presdient Trump is getting the Obama regime out of the way. President Trump is keeping jobs in America, and in the process of repatriating corporate funds from overseas. In addition, these Energy Bonds would be advisable to stimulate the US Economy from the peasant investor up.

It simply needs to be done.

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