Saturday, December 3, 2016

President Trump, award our Revolution with our Leaders

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Donald Trump in the Cincinnati Ohio, Thank You Tour, humbly stated that he needed all of us to be as vocal as before in helping him in this revolution. I would heartily agree to this, but also make the point, it will be easier to assist Mr. Trump in this revolution, if he would stop listening to Mike Pence and Jared Kurschner, along with Mr. Trump's children who have a love affair with Neocons, Mitt Romneycrats and Harold Washington.

President Trump's job is going to be much easier if Mr. Trump only appoints people who voted for him, did not smear him, and actually believe in the policy. Mr. Trump's Administration does little good to have him as the head, and we are stuck with Jeb Bush's body and Hillary Clinton's genitals.

I will repeat that and you can quote me on that.

Mr. Trump's Administration does little good to have him as the head, and we are stuck with Jeb Bush's body and Hillary Clinton's genitals.

- Lame Cherry

We won.

I will repeat that too in we won by the Grace of God. 

I will repeat in we won by the Grace of God and all the Republican  trash lost and crook Clinton and image Obama lost.

So why do we have to settle for Mike Pence? Why do we have to be put into the position of defending a man who hides documents from the People and is defined by the Appellate Courts of acting illegally, in taking Obama funds to settle Syrian terrorists and then having to be sued to take the terrorists?

We have enough problems without these tarnished and flawed frauds in having to make excuses for them.

It gets so bad in this that we now know that Representative Cathy Morris Rogers is a girlfriend of Ivanka Trump. Well DUH!!!! Now who was it that was telling the Trump's to make this her Vice President or the better Speaker than the Lame Cherry? DUH!!!

The Holy Ghost counsel is always correct and right, and it goes back to why are we being asked to settle for less, when WE WON BY GOD?

It is because traitors are in the midst of Trump Trans who have their own agenda against Donald Trump, and know that it is easier to stop Donald Trump from inside, than from the US Congress.

I have yet to see one Christian Conservative appointed, and at least Ann Coulter gets this as she has a love affair with Mormon Romney, that the only person Americans have gotten in this is Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, otherwise it is the outside looking in.

So I agree with President Trump that we are in this together and we will fight for America in this revolution, but he needs to comprehend that he needs to appoint HIS BASE from this point on. We are not going to sit here as with Bush43 and Rove, to have our gun dealers driven out of existence, our oil wells capped, our beef prices destroyed as Brazil beef is dumped into America, and our hopes and dreams flushed by more Neocon lies which destroyed the Republican Party.

President Trump, there are four vital choices in your Administration, and they are Secretary of State, Homeland, Energy and Interior. Those Cabinet positions have not been filled and all you have dangling around are traitors. If you do not comprehend, that State deals with legal workers taking American jobs, Homeland deports illegals, Energy gives your economy it's economic lift and Interior is where that energy and food supply is, then you are not being served by Mike Pence, Jared Kurschner nor your family.

Here is the advice in this if you want us to fight for you in our revolution.

Secretary of State, Vice President Dan Quayle
Homeland, Sheriff Joe with Sheriff David Clarke in day to day
Energy, Congressman Kevin Cramer
Interior, Sarah Palin, with Professor Major Boddicker in charge of eradicating large predators from America to save American wildlife.

At 1 dollar per year Mr. Trump, you work for us as President, but you have not shown God the respect He warrants and you have not shown any respect to the Christians who buoyed you to this victory. Bribes in Haley and Chao are fine for the people who backed you and to get the Senate behind you, but you have appointed your last moderate, and from this point on, every position goes to Conservatives, and that goes to the next list in Agriculture and EPA.

For some reason Mr. Trump, you think America ends at the Mississippi River. You had better begin putting Westerners into the remaining Christian Conservative positions to fight and lead this for you, as your coastal clan have short vision and you do not know the America who elected you.

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