Monday, December 19, 2016

Red Line Quarantine

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This will be a Lame Cherry Concentrate.

Forbes magazine published an article about the Death Spiral States by William Baldwin and it Inspired in me this Trump White Paper in what Secretary Munchkin with President Trump, could implement as a hedge against a repeat of the 2008, 9 11 Economic Attack upon America which monopolized wealth, stuck Americans with debt and installed Obama.

It is a given in the odds, that in 2017 the cartel will attempt another financial collapse on the markets, in order to force concessions from President Trump. What the Lame Cherry is advocating is something called RED LINE QUARANTINE for the American and State economies.
Red meaning the debt line, and the line which is not allowed to be crossed to begin a stock market collapse.

Mr. Baldwin posts this reality of the precarious position the liberal voting states are in with a recession or depression in they will go bankrupt.

Right now, the biggest risks for a bankruptcy or collapse is in the these states, based upon the ratio between what Baldwin terms “makers” and “takers.” Basically, the socialist state is enveloping all prosperity:

• New Mexico – 148 dependents per 100 private sector workers

• West Virginia – 116 dependents per 100 private sector workers

• California – 114 dependents per 100 private sector workers

• Mississippi – 111 dependents per 100 private sector workers
• New York – 108 dependents per 100 private sector workers

• Arkansas – 103 dependents per 100 private sector workers

What the Lame Cherry postulates is this, that a disease epidemic is not any different than a financial epidemic. The US economy under Secretary Munchkin should have quarantine measures in place to isolate toxic debt, volatile trading, derivatives and whatever else the Secretary of the Treasury mandates isolation measures for in order to protect the healthy part of the US economy.

The Stock Market can not collapse if the market is "braked" to only be able to decline a small percentage each week. When a bubble is burst, the bubble is quarantined so as not to set off a panic. Every facet of what is the "economy" is compartmentalized and not allowed to affect other parts of the economy.

There is no rule that Goldman Sachs has to collapse or go bankrupt immediately. That is what Security and Exchange is about in investigating for months, and that is the failure of George W. Bush in the Obama collapse, in the toxic debt should have been isolated, the finance houses quarantined of unhealthy trades, while healthy shares were still open to investment.

A financial freeze of operations, will prevent a meltdown in other sectors, which was the designed financial grab in 2008, where Lehman Brothers was bought up for pennies on the dollar by super banks and Americans were stuck with TARP debt, and investor ruin.

This must be the governor placed upon the economic engine in America to protect the Trump Administration and America, as she is rebuilt. Debt can not be transferred to wealth, as in banks buying debt, can not confiscate investors accounts and be offered stocks in kind.

Quarantine the toxic problems in the US economy immediately as in derivatives and begin a process of deflating the size of the debt, and manage it to non existence, ending toxic trading of debt.

This safeguard is the necessary means to protect what President Trump is engaged in, in making America great again.

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